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Introducing Enterprise Skills: build complex, re-usable, business-specific skills designed to quickly accelerate and scale your enterprise

Revolutionary new architecture

What are Enterprise Skills?

Avaamo’s skills have been designed from the ground up to fulfill the needs of the modern, conversational enterprise. Developers can design & deploy complex skills across agents or use an existing pre-built skill available in our skill library. 

Each Avaamo Skill performs a specific unit of work to fulfill a user request (intent). For instance, “Insurance Quote Generation”, “Reset Password”, “Status of an order”, “Finding a physician” are skills. 

Skill Builder Templates

Our Skill Builders are blueprints that allow you to quickly build complex skills based on various conversational patterns. They come bundled with all the necessary technology, training data, and domain models so that you will never have to start from scratch again.

Minimal coding

Build skills with minimal coding and share across your enterprise or add pre-built skills directly from our skill library.

Plug & play

Skills are designed to be completely modular and scalable. Add the same skill to multiple agents to provide a consistent, scalable experience

Backward compatible

All skills are compatible with Avaamo’s earlier architecture of composite bots and child bots.

Meet our Skill Builders

Our AI software designed to develop and deploy enterprise skills

Flow Designer

The Flow Designer provides an interactive WYSIWYG framework to design enterprise skills with a minimal technical expertise.

Avaamo Answers

Create a conversational knowledge base by ingesting your company's documents and URL. All documents are processed, cleansed, and classified so that you can find the information when you need it.

Conversational IVR

Design & develop a voice-based conversational interface powered by AI. Connect with users on Amazon Alexa, Google Home, mobile apps, and IVR.

Dynamic Dialog

Define the parameters you need in order to complete a transaction and the Dynamic Dialog Skill will auto-generate the conversations needed to capture them.

Business Q&A

Create responses for one-off questions and answers that do not require multi-step dialogs. Typically, the questions are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to your business, product, or service.


Use Smalltalk to create a custom personality for your agent. Smalltalk also handles all random customer queries, so having a comprehensive library is critical to having an effective, humanlike virtual assistant.


The Anatomy of a Skill

Avaamo’s enterprise skills come pre-built and pre-trained to handle complex business usecases. Quickly design a virtual agent by importing from our enterprise skills library.

Built for and by enterprises

Each skill is developed to handle a complex, contextual, business use case. Embedded in every skill are multi-turn dialogs, training data, language understanding models, deployment channels, and integration code to enable you to customize and extend as required.

Modular, scalable & fast

Skills are designed to be shared, published, and easily  re-used. Partners and developers can contribute to the growing skills library. Agents can be assembled and deployed quickly by simply importing skills.

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Enterprise skills in every vertical

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All skills in our store are pre-built, trained, and certified by Avaamo.

What is an Enterprise Skill?

Watch Sriram Chakravarthy, our co-founder and CTO, discuss the key features of Avaamo’s Enterprise Skills.

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