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Your AI Copilot for the Entire Call Journey

Our Agent Copilots intelligently guide agents through every step of the call journey. Once a call is accepted, our software thoughtfully provides AI-generated assistance, leveraging generative AI capabilities to enhance the entire experience.

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Pre-Call Assist

Our AI Copilot gets a head start by mining relevant CRM data, previous requests, historical interactions and more before the first hello. Agents receive a panoramic customer view to hit the ground running.

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In-Call Assist

No more app switching or silo scrambling for your agents. AI Copilot dynamically serves up the knowledge and responses they need, in lockstep with the conversation flow.

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Post-Call Assist

Our AI Copilot ensures your agents make the most of their valuable time by reducing administrative burdens. Energize your customer service through the dual benefits of robust documentation and liberated employee focus.

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Pre-Call Assist

Customer Identification

A 360-degree view before the first “hello”

  • Identify customers instantly and surface critical details through AI-driven caller recognition.
  • Eliminates manual lookups and summarizes relevant information from CRMs, past tickets, interaction history, and more.

Call Intent Detection

Witness the power of an intent-driven contact center

  • Real-time intent analysis across channels provides unmatched visibility into consumer conversations, enabling optimized contact center operations.
  • Route a conversation to the agent that’s most effective given the intent.
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In-Call Assist

Suggested Responses

Thoughtful, on-tone responses automatically suggested with GenAI

  • Contextual, tailored suggestions based on a customers information, location, permissions and more.
  • Suggestions generated from 3 sources; public, company, and SOP documents.

AI Knowledge Assist

Turn your agents into subject matter experts

  • Real-time knowledge recommendations as the customer speaks generated from your content sources.
  • Out-of-the-box integration to multiple systems, including SOP, tickets, CRM, and other repositories.

Next Best Action

Keep agents on script and deliver consistent outcomes

  • Prioritized actions are shown in the order of importance during the conversation.
  • Choosing a Next Best Action leads to suggested responses the agent can use when chatting with the customer.


Integrate into you backend systems to automate a wide range of tasks

  • The RPA seamlessly integrates with various backend systems ensuring a wide range of tasks can be automated.
  • Dynamic Actions eliminate manual steps with intelligent suggestions for agents.
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Post-Call Assist


Lengthy conversations distilled into actionable insights.

  • Key moments in a conversation are timestamped for easy reference.
  • Interaction summaries auto-added to CRM records for continuous tracking.

Topic Extraction

Unlock enriched data and powerful analytics

  • Instantly assigns relevant tags to conversations during their progression.
  • Includes a pre-built library of standard tags and supports custom tag creation.
  • Combines tagged data with analytics platforms for deep analysis, and CRMs for auto-updating customer records.

Promise Management

With automatic promise tracking, a promise will never be broken.

  • Automatically detect and capture promises made by agents during calls.
  • Agents can track fulfillment progress and update customers with status changes to ensure promises are kept.

How does Agent Assist Work?

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