New Account, Product Guidance, and Offers

Avaamo’s conversational AI platform is streamlining banking for millions of customers by instantly addressing their queries and facilitating transactions. The platform’s advanced natural language processing capabilities, banking specific AI models, and ability to integrate easily with the company’s core banking knowledge bases ensures that the virtual agent responds to queries intelligently and quickly.  Avaamo helps customers check their loan eligibility, apply for loans, check their balance, locate ATMs and more – all on the channel of their preference, ensuring higher customer engagement and lowered contact center costs.

Account Servicing

Avaamo’s conversational AI platform provides retail banking customers with instant, accurate responses to their queries, which in turn, means that the quality of queries that are transferred to live agents are actually worth their time. Avaamo is helping banks with call deflection and increasing live agent experience at the same time.

Branch office productivity

When the average new bank trainee is flummoxed by legacy green-screen banking terminals, Avaamo’s conversational AI quickly trains him on how to use that legacy app and provide prompt service to his customers. Similarly, Avaamo is helping investment advisors and financial planners sift through tons of regulatory forms and onboard their customers with the right documents.

A guide to conversational banking


Conversational Banking

By automating tasks, banks can cut down inbound calls, resources in branch offices and transaction costs by nearly 60-70%.



20 million subscribers bank with our virtual assistants each year.


Over 50k questions answered each month by our AI banking assistants.


Over 40K transactions facilitated every month, automatically.

Avaamo's IVAs by the numbers

Experience how Avaamo AI will transform your business


Avaamo has a library of banking skills that combine conversational AI, deep banking domain knowledge, and integrations to automate common use cases. Here are some examples:

Add our suite of Account Management Skills to create a personalized and proactive everyday banking experience.


  • Using natural language, customers can open accounts, send & receive money, check their balance, search transactions, or show account/routing numbers, all through voice or text.
  • The assistant immediately identifies a user’s previous interactions and disambiguates queries to ensure accuracy and order context.
  • The assistant has language models pre-trained to understand all banking industry acronyms, accents, and syntax much like a human being.
  • Provides a way to verify the users via 2 factor authentication, including an OTP or via secret questions

Things you can say

“I want to open a savings account. I have a checking account already with your bank.”

“What is my account balance in my savings account as of last month?”

“How many checks have been paid out from my account in the last 3 months?”

“What’s my routing number?”

“What’s my credit card limit?”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
The digital personal assistant for banking

Our budgeting skills provides a series of proactive financial management tools, powered by AI.


  • Proactively provide weekly snapshots of month-to-month spending
  • Using natural language, customers can request personalized snapshots of their spending & budgeting history
  • Can answer any question found on website and customer facing documents
  • Alert customer to upcoming bills due

Things you can say

How much did I spend with my checking account?”

“How much did I spend on restaurants so far this month?

“How much did I spend on yesterday?

“Am I spending less than usual this month?”

“What are all my recurring charges?”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
The digital front door for banking

Ingest all your bank’s knowledge base—pdfs, documents, websites—to create an assistant that answers your customers questions on banking services, quickly and accurately.


  • Using natural language, the assistant can answer any question found on website and customer facing documents.
  • Our technology automatically builds a question & answer model for precise responses to questions.
  • Provides one or more sections of an article when an exact answer is not possible.
  • Includes link to the actual knowledge base page.

Things you can say

“I just got married, how do I update my accounts?”

“How do I save and manage my online ID?”

“How do I link my account?”

“I want to call my Relationship Manager.”

“I want to get in touch with my home branch.”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
The digital front door capabilities for banking

The Loan Assistant combines a series of skills that answer loan related queries like find a loan, browse offers, and general loan advice and information.


  • Customers can use natural language to find a loan or any new offers available.
  • Find out information and details on your existing loans, such as interest rates, fees, repayment terms, etc.
  • Loan Calculator before applying to loans
  • The assistant will guide the customer through loan options and offer selection advice

Things you can say

“What are your rates of interest for used car loans?”

“What are the loan offers available?”

“What is my outstanding loan amount?”

“I am looking for a student loan for my MS program in the USA.”

“I want to apply for a loan of $25,000 that I can repay in 5 years.”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
The virtual assistant for banking questions

Our banking assistants instantly take care of any issues you may have with your credit & debit/ATM card. 


  • Use natural language to instantly report a lost or stolen card, reset a PIN, or order a new card.
  • The banking assistant will proactive notify a customer when any change in status of your card occurs.
  • Provides a way to verify the users via 2 factor authentication, including an OTP or via secret questions.
  • The assistant immediately identifies a customers’s previous interactions and context to ensure accuracy and quick resolution of issues.

Things you can say

“I lost my ATM card and I need a replacement card”

“I want to reset my ATM pin”

“I want to block my ATM card”

“I want to add a debit card”

“I want to report my card lost or stolen”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
Secure use for conversational AI banking

The ATM locator skill enables an assistant to find a nearby ATM or information on ATM services available.


  • Use voice or text to quickly find an ATM based on location or other parameters (like deposit)
  • Find the ATM that has the services you need, quickly.

Things you can say

“Find the nearest ATM”

“Is there an ATM within a 2 miles radius of 250 Castro St, Mountainview, CA?”

“I want to deposit a check, where is the nearest ATM I can do that?”
“I need to deposit $10,000. Can I do that at the ATM or do I need to go to a branch office?”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
The digital front door locating banks

Experience how Avaamo AI will transform your business