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Unleash the true value of your enterprise data

Avaamo Answers™, powered by LLaMB leverages our state-of-the-art LLM framework trained specifically on your enterprise data to generate answers, summaries, and insights safely and securely across all your enterprise content repositories.

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Astonishingly tailored, human-like answers

Answers™ maintains enterprise roles and permissions to deliver precise and accurate responses, ensuring the right content reaches the right people.

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No hallucinations, profanity, or risk!

Content is managed by you and all responses are restricted to your data. With an additional layer of audit and control, AnswersLLM generates the appropriate context filtered prompts to ensure no hallucinations occur.

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Data security and compliance comes first

Answers™ enables secure ingestion and modeling of your enterprise data through prebuilt integrations, unlike off-the-shelf LLMs trained on public data. 

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Constantly current, Zero training needed

Auto-updating knowledge base. No training or dialog flows required. Out-of-the-box functionality with LLMs and proprietary domain models.

Powered by LLaMB™

Answers is powered by LLaMB™, our new low-code framework for building generative AI applications in the enterprise safely, securely, and fast. LLaMB addresses the key challenges in enterprise adoption of Generative AI: eliminating hallucinations, integrating disparate enterprise content, automating cross-enterprise workflows and accommodating any LLM the enterprise chooses.

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Empowering enterprise success

Context & understanding

Truly revolutionary
human-like dialog

No dialog flows required. Using a combination of LLMs and our proprietary domain knowledge you get the best of both worlds: a super intelligent conversational assistant working within the parameters of your data and compliance requirements.

Summary Generation

TLDR: Instant summaries and analysis from any content

Stay ahead of the information overload and effortlessly access instant summaries and analyses from a variety of sources, including recorded meetings, videos, whitepapers, documents, and more.

The answer you were looking for

Precise Actionable Response

Within enterprises, a multitude of isolated and diverse resources such as knowledge articles, forms, backend systems with structured information, and workflows exist to address inquiries. Avaamo employs LLMs to expertly curate and determine the optimal answer or blend of answers to offer.

Multilingual Support

Build once, deploy in any language

Your LLM-powered virtual assistant can seamless speak in 140 languages. Build once in any language and it can instantly detect, comprehend, and respond in the requested language.