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Safeguarding AI at its Core

Achieving trustworthy AI is core to LLaMB™. Our natively built “Trust Layer” allows enterprises to deploy generative AI without compromising their security, compliance, or customer data.

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LLaMB’s Trust Layer:
AI security-first Architecture

One of the key challenges in the adoption of Generative AI in the enterprise is security, compliance and ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of response. Raw model APIs when piped directly into the enterprise are very vulnerable. Moreover, these models are subject to adversarial attacks such as prompt injection. By carefully or maliciously crafting the prompts, one can “lure” the models to give unintended responses and influence their behaviors.

Avaamo LLaMB’s Trust Layer is an AI security-first architecture designed from the ground up so enterprises can solve these challenges and create a foundational trust layer for LLM Applications.

How LLaMB™ protects data and delivers trust

Data and PII Masking: Secures sensitive data by masking personal information in prompts. Automatically detect PII and payment data and redact it from the prompt.

Dynamic Grounding: Avaamo’s prebuilt prompts are grounded based on enterprise data and are specifically fine-tuned not to utilize any public data.

Secure Access: Enterprise Identity that defines who gets access to what data is critical. Avaamo’s built in access control ensure, enterprise access control is applied, and responses are not just accurate, personalized but users can only perform actions that they are authorized to perform.

Zero Toxicity: Avaamo ensure zero toxicity by ensuring the LLM is not only domain aware but aware of your company and can act as an ambassador of your company and protect your brand.

Compliance: LLaMB is fully GDPR, CCPA, SOC2 and SOC3 compliant out of the box.

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Overview of Avaamo LLaMB™

A framework for building Generative AI enterprise applications, safely, securely and fast

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How LLaMB delivers, safely and securely
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