From commands to conversations

Most voice and chat assistants use traditional NLP to answer simple commands like “Play Shake it Off by Taylor Swift” or “show me my account balance.”  Avaamo’s Conversational Artificial Intelligence platform goes beyond these simplistic commands and uses deep vertical AI to create rich multi-turn conversational dialogue with your customers.


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Deep domain AI

Pre-trained Industry AI Models

Whether it's Card Services in Banking or Claims Processing in Insurance, Avaamo comes with over 25 prebuilt industry Conversational AI ML models and to give you a head start in Conversational Banking, Insurance, Telco, Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare.

Curated Datasets

Avaamo provides more than 100 curated industry-specific datasets to help you boost performance and provide realistic responses to a wide range of customer queries.

Best Practice Interactions

What are the three best questions to ask if a customer wants to surrender a policy or return a product? Avaamo has prebuilt interaction flows for different business processes that enable you to deliver the best business outcomes.

Multi-faceted Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Avaamo uses Deep Neural Networks and state-of-the-art algorithms to crunch through millions of utterances, perform unsupervised learning, extract features, and automatically build complex Conversational AI models with more than 90% accuracy!

Self Learning with Reinforcement

Each chat utterance, voice intonation, emoji, and exclamation mark continually reinforces a positive learning loop. Add the data of your customer service agents, and you can pretty much clone your best agent!

50-100x Less Data

Avaamo uses prebuilt AI models and transfer learning to help you train your models with 50-100x less data. This eliminates the data delays that enterprises experience while implementing conversational Artificial Intelligence.

Designed for the enterprise

Flexible Deployment

Whether you need a global secure cloud deployment with HIPAA, PCI, FINRA compliance, a hybrid cloud deployment, or an on-premise deployment, Avaamo offers you the flexibility that your IT team requires.

Data Security and Entitlements

Avaamo offers enterprise-wide security, while maintaining your access controls and entitlements. With military grade encryption for data in transit and data at rest, and multi-factor authentication, your data is secure and fully under your control.

Beyond REST

Anyone can integrate with REST API. But what if your mainframe-based Core Banking system doesn't have one? Avaamo supports integration using APIs, Web Services, ESBs, MQs, Custom Adapters, and much more. Plus it comes with 120+ Pre-built integrations!

Focus on rich engagement

Sentiment & Tone Aware

Avaamo is able to gauge an array of emotions, from praise to frustration, so that you can build dialog strategies to adjust the conversation accordingly. Even the pickiest of your customers won't remain unhappy this way!

Automatic Speech Recognition & Synthesis

With Avaamo's cutting edge speech recognition technology, voice input is more robust whether from a crowded street or a noisy factory floor. And Avaamo uses Conversational AI and enables you to respond with voice using state-of-the-art response generation algorithms.

Forms & Ratings

Don’t be restricted to just text – Avaamo enables you to be expressive with rich smart cards that can render image, carousels, quick replies, polls, ratings, form inputs, and much more!

Build Once Access Anywhere

Your Avaamo agents can go wherever your customers are. You can build once and instantly access them on consumer messaging apps, smart assistants, and enterprise channels (such as portals, mobile apps, etc.)


Where today’s AI platforms fall short…

NLP-Based Chatbot Platforms

  • Lack vertical focus
  • Built for quick and dirty prototypes
  • Don’t scale across enterprise
  • Hard to transfer learning to new projects

Data Science Developer Platforms

  • Need significant effort upfront to cleanse and prepare data
  • Lack industry models and relevant datasets
  • Require significant development to become enterprise-ready
  • Can get drastically delayed without the right approach