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Developing the fundamental AI technology making conversational computing a reality

Developing conversational AI technology

Language Understanding

Dialog Engine

A state-aware, contextual dialog engine that helps personalize conversations at the session, user, organization and enterprise level.

Multilingual Support

Our multilingual platform seamlessly engages with customers across the globe and supports over 114 languages and dialects.

Domain Syntax

Employ a single global NLU engine with regional and vertical dictionaries and taxonomies for personalization and increased accuracy.

Tone & Sentiment

Detect the sentiment and tone of your customer so you can configure conversation strategies to align to the user’s sentiment.

Machine Learning & Vertical Models

Vertical Domains

Avaamo comes with over 25 pre-built vertical AI ML models to give you a head start in implementing Conversational Banking, Insurance, Telco, Retail, Manufacturing, or Healthcare.

Advanced NLU

Proprietary NLU engine using our patented “sparse” data-based technology tuned to get you to the fastest steady state accuracy.

Data Science Automation

Patented data science pipeline that can sift through your transcripts, logs, and other interactions to predict intents, intelligently label and categorize the data to bootstrap the machine learning models.

Knowledge Graph

Ingest unstructured and structured data from documents, knowledge base, websites, and other content sources to instantly enable your agent to learn and answer.

Conversational AI Analytics

User Journey

Gain full visibility on how your users are conversing with the agent, where they are falling off, and which intents are gaining the most traction.

Learning Insights

Your Agent is no longer a black box – have full view of how every conversation is understood and how the platform learns from every conversation.

Assisted Learning

Train the bot to better understand by looking at the recommended topics and other supervised learning techniques.

Unhandled Query Resolver

An advanced data science pipeline that can predict new intents and entities as well as suggest training data suggestions for existing intents and entities.

Enterprise Services


Avaamo supports integration using APIs, Web Services, ESBs, MQs, Custom Adapters, and much more. Plus it comes with 150+ Pre-built integrations.

Security & Compliance

Avaamo offers enterprise-wide security, while maintaining your access controls and entitlements. With military grade encryption for data in transit and data at rest, and multi-factor authentication, your data is fully under your control.

Flexible Deployment

Whether you need a global secure cloud deployment with HIPAA, PCI, FINRA compliance, a hybrid cloud deployment, or an on-premise deployment, Avaamo offers you the flexibility that your IT team requires.


Your artificial intelligence virtual assistants (bots) can go wherever your customers are. You can build once and instantly access them on consumer messaging apps, smart assistants, and enterprise channels (such as portals, mobile apps, etc).

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