Conversational AI

Buyer’s Kit

Looking to get started with Conversational AI for employee self-service or for automated customer service in your contact center? Here is all you need to know before investing in Conversational AI.

What’s inside

This buyers’ kit provides instant access to prioritization frameworks, ROI benchmarking tools, implementation playbooks, RFP templates, analysts’ reviews, and much more.

Identify the right use case

Create a playbook for success

Streamline your RFP creation

Choose the right partner

Build a ROI model for Internal selling

Use our buyer's checklist

Identify the right use case
for quick results

“How do I start a use case roadmap for my business?”
90% of the Conversational AI projects fail when you don’t select the right use-case. With 100+ live virtual agents across the globe, we put together a prioritization framework that helps you analyze and select the right use case.
automate right usecase@3x 2
understand self service models@3x

Create a playbook 
for success

“How have other companies seeing success in their automation journey?”
We have compiled everything we’ve learned from 100’s of successful customer deployments and compressed it into a playbook that helps you leapfrog your competitors.

Streamline your RFP
creation process

“What capabilities and key business parameters should I be looking for?”
Our RFP template document will help narrow the playing field down to only those partners that can really meet your business needs and have a proven track record.
streamline RFP process@3x
vendor selection@3x

Choose the right partner

“How do I get an unbiased review of various products in this space?”
Our Conversational AI Review study summarizes how well-established and independent research firms’ and peer organizations rate partners.

Build a ROI model
for internal selling

“How do I measure success and communicate to my stakeholders?”
ROI should not be an afterthought – our savings calculator will help you estimate the impact of automation at every step of the automation journey and build the business case.
automation savings potential@3x
choose right tech@3x

A buyer’s checklist

“At the highest level what should I be looking for?”
Our buyer’s checklist provides practical tips on how to buy the right Conversational AI technology and differentiate the hype from the capabilities that deliver value.

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