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Whether you have very little training data for the new product launch, or you have a ton of raw voice transcripts, Avaamo’s Data Science Automation sifts through it, understands the top intents, and intelligently labels and categorizes your data to bootstrap your machine learning models.

Smarter decisions, powered by data

Predictive Modeling with varying unstructured data sets

Enterprise data comes in various shapes and sizes ranging from unstructured chat and voice transcripts to structured support queries. To be able to effectively categorize this unstructured data, Avaamo’s Data Science Automation utilizes data mining and statistical analysis in order to determine trends and patterns in data. The data is categorized into appropriate intents by utilizing the appropriate algorithms from a collection of algorithms such as regressions, time series, outliers, decision trees, K-means and neural networks.

Advanced ML techniques

The Avaamo platform incorporates the techniques of advanced data science ranging from: Bag of Words, bagging, boosting, deep learning, frequency severity methods, generalized additive models, generalized linear models, kernel-based methods, random forests, and many others to categorize the unstructured data.

Unsupervised Deep Learning

Avaamo’s Data Categorization service eliminates a lot of the traditional machine learning pipeline activities using a combination of intelligent preprocessing, query identification,  and unsupervised classification. This ensures a high degree of accuracy within a few days of getting started. Each chat utterance, voice intonation, emoji, and exclamation mark continually reinforces a positive learning loop. Add the data of your customer service agents, and you can pretty much clone your best agent!

Supervised Learning and Expert Review

Using a series of easy-to-use review tools within the Data Categorization service, subject matter experts can quickly sample and review the accuracy of the unsupervised classification process. After the expert review, it is relatively easy to achieve production-grade accuracy.

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