Flow Designer

Design complex conversations—visually

Avaamo’s conversation design tools enable non-technical content writers to create, design, and edit conversational flows and conversational interfaces quickly with a suite of intuitive tools.

Platform tools & features

The most advanced and intuitive conversation modeler for enterprise

Dynamic and Goal-oriented flows

Avaamo Conversation designer provides the flexibility for content creators to orchestrate the bot flows that are best suited for their desired customer experience. Whether it’s a goal-oriented bot which consists of a sequence of tightly constructed conversational flows (Lead collection or Visual IVR Bot) or a dynamic conversational flow that is constructed based on pre-defined domains (initiating an insurance Quote, troubleshooting a problem), the Avaamo Designer provides a rich set of tools and templates that enable a quick design, composition and testing of these bots with our advanced conversational interface.

Domain modeler

Avaamo comes with over 275 prebuilt industry ML models to give you a head start in Conversational Banking, Insurance, Telco, Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare. The Domain modeler lets developers create new domains, associated intents and utterances for these intents.  The Domain modeler also has 100 + prebuilt entity types (from currencies, countries, organizations, etc) that lets developers create multi-level hierarchical entities. The domain modeler comes with a comprehensive testing module that gives detailed NLU insights.

Conversation Validator

As developers update the bot with newer intents and train the bot to handle additional utterances it gets difficult to ensure there are no regressions and the accuracy is incremental. The Conversation Validator enables bot developers to playback user queries and check the impact on accuracy and response after changes. The Validator can also automatically traverse through all the nodes of the conversation flow graphs and can identify any missing training data, highlight collisions and ambiguities.

Composite bots

Composite bots allow individual teams to design, develop and test their own specific bots that can then be all aggregated and orchestrated into a larger composite bot. The larger “master”  bot acts as a dispatcher to the linked “child” bots. This is an essential feature for designing enterprise scale bots with multiple bot designers working on separate intents.

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Focus on rich engagement

Customizable surveys, polls and forms

Send out surveys, ratings, or polls to interact with your customers and get valuable feedback. We also have a customizable form-builder which allows you to send or receive complex forms to your customers, wherever they are.

Rich text & media elements

Don’t be restricted to just text – Avaamo enables you to express and convey your brand with rich media elements such as carousels, cards, web views, video, and more.

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