Avaamo’s 3rd generation Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) integrate into your company’s applications, automate complex business workflows, and provide your customers personalized conversations and insights, 24/7.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Intelligent conversations with a human touch

Conversational automation that reduces costs while creating effortless experiences

The Avaamo Platform

The Avaamo platform contains the tools you need to create advanced virtual assistants which deliver an intuitive, automated experience using natural language. Build once, deploy everywhere. Our IVAs can speak 29 languages and run on any platform, device, or service. All IVAs feature built-in conversational intelligence, deep integrations, and feature enterprise-wide security, compliance, and data encryption.

Advanced NLU

Our proprietary NLU engine using our patented “sparse” data-based technology which gets you to steady state accuracy with minimal training data.

Multi-intent Recognition

There’s no such thing as starting from scratch when working with our pre-built vertical domain models. The platform uses advanced data science techniques to mine raw data to build complex knowledge graphs. Millions of pre-built intents and entities capture the relationships and hierarchies commonly present in complex enterprise workflows, accelerating time to value.

End-to-End Conversational AI Automation

Tell us where the answers are and our conversational AI engine dynamically transforms complex enterprise workflows into a full-fledged conversations between your customer or employee and your business—no scripting, no conversation design, no hassle.

Avaamo’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants – by the numbers


Customers reached globally


Chat and voice interactions


Live implementations


7,000 enterprise workflows automated
Avaamo's IVAs by the numbers

Analyst Recognition

Gartner Awards Avaamo named key provider in Conversational AI platforms Gartner Forrester Awards Leader in Conversational AI for IT Operations Forrester Frost & Sullivan Awards Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Avaamo as "Customer Service Chatbot Provider - Company of the Year"
Frost & Sullivan
HFS Research Awards Avaamo ranked by HFS as a TOP 10 Digital Associate Product 2020 HFS Research Forrester Awards Avaamo Named a Leader in the Forrester New Wave™: Conversational AI For Customer Service Forrester Aragon Research Awards Avaamo named as hot vendor by Aragon research Aragon Research Frost & Sullivan Awards Notable vendor in market guide for Conversational AI Frost & Sullivan IDC Awards IDC Names Four Innovators for AI-Enabled Commerce and Customer Experience in Retail IDC Retail Insights Everest Group Awards Avaamo Named a Leader in Intelligent Virtual Agents – Technology Vendor Landscape Assessment Everest Group


The Avaamo Intelligent Virtual Assistant Platform

The Avaamo IVA platform


Pre-built conversational AI for the Enterprise

  • Pre-trained domain models handle complex business use cases
  • Built-in integrations to applications & deployment channels
  • Select from a library of pre-built AI workflows

Explore Avaamo's IVA enterprise skillset


Dynamic Dialog

  • Stop designing conversational flows manually
  • Define outcomes, our AI does the rest
  • Select from a library of pre-built AI for your use case

Avaamo Intelligent Virtual Assistants

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Contactless Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Webinar: IVAs and the Contactless Economy – the New Normal

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IVA conversational interfaces

Whitepaper: Chatbots vs. Conversational AI

Conversational interfaces have come a long way. Find out how conversational AI is able to execute judgment-intensive tasks just like humans.

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