Auto-resolve and scale your IT Support

Meet AvaamoIT’s intelligent
do-it-all IT Assistant

It‘s easy to call on our IT Assistant from anywhere; Teams, Salesforce, Zoom, or Web. Our virtual assistant responds to your IT questions like there’s nothing to it. 


What’s my Outlook password?

Fix account access issues


Can I get access to Office 365?

Realtime provisioning of software, we got you covered!


My laptop was stolen!
What should I do?

Consolidate all your knowledge into a single conversational experience


Help! I can’t access any of my files!

The assistant provides guided navigation to resolve common IT issues


I’m a new employee, do I need to attend security training?

Don’t know where to look for corporate policy related information? Just ask!

Want to see how AvaamoIT can supercharge your help desk?

What use cases can
we solve for you?

1. Eliminate account access issues

2. Provision software instantly

3. Get answers from your knowledge base

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Getting starting with
self-service IT Support


We start with your existing resources

Starting with AvaamoIT™ is simple. Help us with your existing resources – knowledge articles, forms, FAQs, ticket history or your IT support knowledge base. In a matter of weeks, we take your resources to train and model our Conversational AI to intercept and resolve IT issues via your company’s chat or voice channel of choice — instantly and hassle free.
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Deploy to your channel of choice

With AvaamoIT™, build IT virtual assistants once and make them available across the channels of your choice. Whether it’s corporate messaging channels like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Google Chat, or web-based channels, Avaamo has in-built translators that convert the responses to appropriate formats supported by each channel without any further development.
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We get you live – fast!

The Avaamo platform gets you live fast by uniquely combining IT data (10M+ IT tickets and 1B+ IT phrases modeled and classified), tooling, and enterprise connectors to jumpstart the design, develop and deployment process from months to weeks in the heterogenous reality of large enterprise environments.
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