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*Outbound (+Voice, SMS) and Inbound are also available

Revcycle journeys
Driving better patient outcomes

Revcycle patient journey 1


See how AvaamoRCM seamlessly plugs into your contact center and completes the entire patient journey, from billing inquiries to estimated costs of treatments, and FAQs.

Out of pocket approval
Financial aid guidance

Revcycle patient journey 2

Charge capture

See how AvaamoRCM completes the entire patient journey including payment transactions, balance checks, and setting up a payment plan.

Check balance
Bill payment
Payment plan setup
Charge capture FAQs
Payment FAQs

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The more interactions we can have with our patients the better. Engaging with a patient across the continuum is now possible with Conversational AI.

Neil D. Ray, MD, MMCi
Anesthesiologist, Pain Medicine Specialist
Duke Health

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