Dynamic Prompts
No engineering required

Dynamic Prompts, grounded by your data, zero hallucinations.

A new streamlined approach to prompt generation with LLaMB™

LLaMB removes the burden from enterprise developers of creating, managing, and updating prompts, as well as constructing custom libraries for various use cases. With Avaamo LLaMB, developers are relieved of the task of creating prompts altogether and don’t need to concern themselves with the nuances or versions of LLM required for prompt building.

For all virtual agent-related scenarios, LLaMB autonomously generates dynamic prompts based on enterprise data, ensuring the delivery of the most optimal responses—free from any inaccuracies or inconsistencies.

LLaMB’s Dynamic Prompting

Dynamic Prompting is a new approach to Generative AI interaction design that generates prompts dynamically in real-time based based on user behavior, context, and enterprise in/out data. Unlike the traditional system of prompting where the prompts are pre-defined and static, dynamic prompting adjusts and customizes the prompts to offer an immersive, streamlined, and personalized user experience.

Grounded: Avaamo’s prebuilt prompts are grounded based on enterprise data and are specifically fine-tuned not to utilize any public data.

Domain fine-tuned : Avaamo’s prebuilt prompts are dynamically fine-tuned for the specific agent’s domain and can be configured to use the right tone for each response.

Ready to use: Avaamo’s prebuilt prompts are supported across multiple LLMs and versions of LLMs and have been fine-tuned to utilize the right set of models for the specific tasks eliminating the need for developers to go on a witch hunt  for the right models and significantly reducing the time and effort to create production ready LLM applications.

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Overview of Avaamo LLaMB™

A framework for building Generative AI enterprise applications, safely, securely and fast

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