What is LLaMB?

LLaMB™ is a new low-code framework for building powerful end user generative AI agents in the enterprise safely, securely, and fast. LLaMB provides tools to eliminate hallucinations, integrate enterprise systems and supporting any LLM of your choice.

LLaMB supports building agents to execute tasks in HR, IT and Customer Service:

Unleashing the power of Generative AI using LLaMB

AI agents that tackle complex enterprise use cases

Travel Advisor

An AI Travel Agent fluent in a company’s global policies

Powerful end user generative AI solution that is grounded in a company’s country-based travel policies, rules, and permissions.  The Travel Advisor agent provides clarity to an employee in navigating the intricate link between current role, expense guidelines, policy compliance, and expense claims and management.


Global concierge for IT support

Built for one of the world’s largest companies, AskIT delivers personalized 24/7 assistance to employees, offering application and hardware support, as well as autonomous agents capable of executing tasks such as new employee provisioning, hardware procurement, and incident management and resolution. This comprehensive support system caters to the needs of over 100,000 employees, adapting to their roles and locations seamlessly.

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Avaamo and Wipro have created novel ways to improve employee experience using GenAI. We have been working together to implement an AI Playbook and have deployed over 40 use cases for 200,000 employees spread over 53 countries. By building on Avaamo’s GenAI technology in new and secure ways, we plan to continue our digital transformation journey and further enhance our employees’ experience.

Anup Purohit
Global Chief Information Officer

Making AI easy for enterprises

A single low-code framework with the tools to build fast at scale.

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Trust Layer

Achieving trusworthy AI is core to LLamb. We’ve developed a natively built “trust layer” with security guardrails allowing enterprises to deploy generative AI without compromising their security or customer data.

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Dynamic Prompts

A new streamlined approach to prompt generation removes the burden from enterprise developers of creating, managing, and updating prompts, as well as constructing custom libraries for various use cases.

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DataSync AI

LLaMB’s DataSync AI seamlessly integrates into diverse sources of enterprise data, both structured and unstructured. It also incorporates embeddings to provide contextual information, ensuring the delivery of the best possible LLM experiences.

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Data Moderator

LLaMB’s Data Moderator actively monitors enterprise data for errors and inaccuracies and offers guidance on areas that require updating, correction, or even elimination. Data Moderator enables enterprises to improve data management, priming it for use as training data to achieve optimal results with models.

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Overview of Avaamo LLaMB™

A framework for building Generative AI enterprise applications, safely, securely and fast

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Selecting a Generative AI Use Case

This guide will help you select the right Generative AI use cases and build a roadmap for the future.

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llamb genai for enterprise

Blog: The Challenges Beyond the LLM API in the Enterprise

The Easy Part: LLM API. The Hard Part: Everything Else…

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