The goal of supply chain optimization is to deliver the right product to the right person at the right time. That will never change, but in this unprecedented time the challenges have never been so great and the opportunities—with the emergence of AI—so revolutionary.
Most supply chain organizations work with technologies well over 20 years old: they are metaphorically analog machines trying to deliver in an digital world. The ability to provide real time flexibility in delivery and transparency in order management is severely constrained by the functional silos that were designed to optimize each component of the supply chain rather than providing visibility end-to end.
Traditional supply chain organizations operate in fragmented, functional silos that focus on optimizing a particular aspect of the supply chain, rather than optimizing across the entire value chain.

Disruption — by the numbers


Estimated costs disrupted across the value chain over the next decade.


Difference in profit earned by companies that understand digital disruption versus others.


Executives who name “decision-making speed” and “flexibility to respond” as keys to thriving in modern markets.



The Avaamo Conversational AI platform delivers a new digital experience that leverages existing tools and processes to deliver frictionless interactions.

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Manage demand

In a supply chain under stress, demand is intermittent and upsets the balance of inventory across the order entry process. Conversational AI widens usage and ability to accept demand action across a wider variety of input interfaces



Creating transparency across all functional silos by providing order status and execution status across your inventory, manufacturing and distribution systems in an easy to use CX experience.


Managing cash

Intelligent Invoice management can help top improve focus on freeing up cash locked in other parts of the value chain. Ensuring that you have a thoughtful, answers for your equally stressed suppliers supported by strong governance, can contribute substantial savings.


Avaamo’s pre-built supply chain skills combine conversational AI, deep domain knowledge, and integrations to automate and resolve the following usecases:

The Sales Assistant guides customers through the ordering process using Conversational AI deployed on Whatsapp, allowing users to engage with technology on a familiar platform in a human-like contextual conversation.


  • Using natural language, customers can place an order on the widely used platform, Whatsapp (no need for using a complicated interface).
  • The Sales Assistant also helps users check their order status, open tickets, and answer frequently asked questions. 
  • The assistant immediately identifies a user’s previous interactions and disambiguates queries to ensure accuracy and order context.
  • The assistant has language models pre-trained to understand industry acronyms, accents, and the “parts order process domain” syntax much like a human being.

Things you can say

“I want to order budweiser”

“Please send me 10 packs of Gatorade Tangerian”

“If I order a keg now, when will I get it?”

“I need 10 cases of Stella and 5 case of Budweiser delivered by the 15th.”


Conversational AI integration for Whatsapp
Conversational AI for order requests

The order tracking assistant is a smart, one-stop bot where you can track everything together and is always within reach.


  • Customers can track orders and view status details
  • Customers can choose open orders to track based on descriptors

Things you can say

“Can I have the POD for D331417556?”

“Track my order #2345678”

“When are the packages from Colombia coming in?”

“Orders from last week have still not yet been delivered, where are they?”



integrations ordertracker
conversational AI for order tracking

Customers can access the Repair Assistant via Whatsapp, to quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, or request maintenance of their equipment.


  • Customers can create tickets to repair equipment.
  • Customers can ask a question and when a problem description is detected, a ticket is created with all relevant ticket descriptors populated.
  • Incoming requests are categorized and prioritized before ticket filing.

Things you can say

“My freezer is too noisy, what should I do?”

“When will my refrigerator be maintenanced?”

“My beer cooler is very cold and a few beers have burst”


Conversational AI integration for Whatsapp
AI chatbot for equipment requests

Use natural language to quickly search and view your invoices, purchase orders, or debit details.


  • Customers can search and view all sent, paid or overdue invoices.
  • Search for invoices and POs by date range, location, amounts etc. 
  • Get a browsable list of selected invoices or POs. 
  • Check your debit status.

Things you can say

Get invoice details for <date range> for ASN

“Can you show me the invoice sent to <company name> last week?”

“What’s the amount of the last invoice sent to Envoy?”

“Can I see all the POs material #32 at Riverside?”

“What’s the amount of the last invoice sent to Envoy?”


Conversational AI integration for SAP
Voice Assistant for invoice management

The Virtual Parts Specialist allows for self-service parts ordering that is more accurate, personalized, and fast (eliminating an AHT of 10 minutes).


  • Check for availability of a vast collection of parts and products
  • Search by product name, description, or part number

Things you can say

“Do you have stock of left rear door of Jetta 2013?”

“Can I order 17 units of gear boxes suitable for the Polo 2017”

“What is the inventory status of part number 4434343DR4?”


Conversational AI integration with ServiceNow
AI chatbot for ordering parts

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