The new era of asset management begins with the Avaamo Conversational AI platform

Intelligent Investing with Conversational AI

Avaamo helps asset managers leverage the power of virtual assistants across channels to educate customers, facilitate the right purchase, and build a robust portfolio.

Improved customer engagement

Avaamo’s conversational AI platform is simplifying mutual fund investing for thousands of investors by educating and empowering them to make informed investment decisions. Instead of a web portal that can be challenging to navigate, the investor can have a one on one conversation with the virtual agent through the channel of their choice, resulting in a personalized, effective interaction. The virtual agent also reduces the number of steps the customer needs to take to get to their intended goal, compared to conventional digital platforms

Fund Selection

Our customers have simplified the complex MF product shopping process using by providing a useful engaging Intelligent Virtual Agent to guide customers based on their stated financial goals to the right product whether its an annuity, tax deferred or an ETF product. Avaamo’s Answers™ technology is used to answer 1000’s of questions about products, their time horizon, fund value and fund performance while reducing inbound call volume in the call center and giving prospective investors a more efficient way to be educated about the various products that would suit their needs.

Account Servicing

Avaamo is helping fund managers with call deflection by resolving simple investor queries quickly and efficiently. Avaamo helps customers to execute service requests, retrieve account statements, tax certificates and navigate service issues include statement generation, account allocation or automatic investing. Avaamo helped to upload documents for the KYC process by digitizing it completely.

Portfoilio Tracking

Avaamo conversational AI technology is used by our customers to provide timely information on fund performance, redemption, changes in asset allocation or redistribution surpassing conventional tools that are complex to use and master. Customers and relationship managers can access various reports easily to review annualized returns and monthly transaction summaries and fund fact sheet easily contributing to a better customer experience.

The Avaamo Conversational AI platform in action

The Avaamo conversational AI platform is already helping to innovate mutual funds.


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Mutual Funds Skills

Avaamo has a library of mutual fund skills that combine conversational AI, deep banking domain knowledge, and integrations to automate common use cases. Here are some examples:

Our Intelligent Virtual Assistants make understanding mutual funds and the investment process effortless, especially for people just starting out in the investment journey.


  • Using natural language, customers can find and select funds, get information on products and services, get advice on financial goals, and research fund performance.
  • The IVA is deployed on web, mobile app, WhatsApp, Google Home and Alexa.
  • The assistant immediately identifies a user’s previous interactions and disambiguates queries to ensure accuracy and order context.
  • The assistant has language models pre-trained to understand all mutual fund industry acronyms, accents, and syntax much like a human being.
  • Provides a way to verify the users via 2 factor authentication, including an OTP or via secret questions

Things you can say

“I want to invest $10k in an aggressive fund” (Payment Gateway is integrated)

“What is the exit load of this fund?”

“Suggest a tax relief fund for me.”

“Is there a medium risk high growth tech fund in biological sciences with a rating of AAA+ and less than 2% management fees?”

“Can you recommend funds that would fit my retirement schedule?”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
Conversational AI for fund selection

The IVA helps you track your investment portfolio, evaluate your strategy, and offer proactive, personalized insights and alerts.


  • Using natural language, customers can track their portfolio, NAV, and status of transactions.
  • The IVA is deployed on web, mobile app, WhatsApp, Google Home and Alexa.
  • The assistant offers proactive insights and alerts about your portfolio and market conditions.
  • Provides a way to verify the users via 2 factor authentication, including an OTP or via secret questions

Things you can say

“What’s my fund performance over the last 3 months?

“I want to know the NAV of all my funds”

“Can you help me check my purchase status?”

“I want to view my SIP portfolio”

“What is the status of my SIP cancellation?”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
Conversational AI for portfolio management

Add our suite of Account Management Skills to create a personalized and proactive CX that resolves all the common account servicing and investing questions.


  • Use natural language to access your account information.
  • Quickly register and open investment accounts using voice or text. The IVA will guide you through the process.
  • View or download account statements on fund investments.
  • Make changes to your registered account such as your password or address.
  • Get IT support and troubleshooting.

Things you can say

“I need to update my email address”

“I want my account statement delivered to my email.”

“Show me my capital gains statement.”

“Register for eOTM.”

“Check my KYC status.”

“I need to reset my password please”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
Conversational AI for account management

Customers can quickly view the transactions, account summaries, and information they are looking for by simply using natural language. The IVA will generate a customized statement for the customer to view or download.


  • Can generate most standard documents that a user asks for: NAV, capital gains, account statement, transaction history, etc.
  • Ensures financial compliance laws by avoiding storage within the bot; sends the statement to the registered email address instead.
  • Provides a way to verify the customer via 2 factor authentication, including an OTP or via secret questions.
  • Documents generated can be viewed, emailed, or downloaded.

Things you can say

“I need to review my last 10 transactions”

“Email my SOA.”

“I want to download my Account Statement for PAN BQKPS4232F.”

“Please send me a statement of my capital gains for last year”


Banking integrations using virtual assistance
Conversational AI for statement generation

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