Target. Engage. Automate.

Transform static notifications into highly personalized conversations and meaningful engagement with Avaamo’s AI Outreach.

An experience that moves beyond passive communication to active engagement

Just a friendly reminder…

Automation so personalized, it’s like a real conversation

Educate, remind and engage your customers across existing touchpoints with proactive, personalized communication and improved outcomes.

Static reminders magically transformed into

Two-way meaningful conversations

Personalized notifications remind busy patients and greatly reduce no-shows. Two-way conversations allow patients get the extra information they need.

Broadcast messaging

Engage thousands of customers in seconds

Create scalable, bi-directional, voice or text campaigns using your customer lists. Send customer service updates, reminder alerts, feeback requests and more.

Avaamo’s AI Outreach – By the Numbers


patients served through Outreach appointment scheduling


weekly outbound calls for status updates


response rate achieved through intelligent outreach campaigns


reduction in inbound call volumes

Target &

Create scalable voice or text campaigns to reach a few or thousands using your customer lists. Build templates or select from a library of pre-built templates to send out your campaigns fast.

dynamic messages

Create dynamic messages with personalized recipient data pulled from your systems of record. Advanced filters can be applied to narrow the scope to exactly who you would like to contact.


Make business decisions based on a deep understanding of your customers’ engagement. Analyze conversational data to reveal in realtime what your customers are communicating, allowing you to truly understand their journey.

multimodal support

Develop templates in any language and deliver to your customers in their preferred language automatically across all channels including SMS, web chat, enterprise messaging apps and voice.

Outreach solutions designed specifically for your industry, your use cases