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Avaamo’s Telco customers are maximizing customer satisfaction while driving higher ARPUs, operations productivity, and stronger margins using conversational AI.
Conversational AI for Telco’s

Phones, Plans, and Offers

Avaamo’s Telco customers are using conversational AI to guide their subscribers through the bewildering choice of phone models (and EIPs), prepaid and postpaid plans, and add-on offers, while maximizing the value for their subscribers and driving higher ARPU and profit margins.

Billing & Account services

Whether it is activating plans, understanding data usage, doing top-ups, and paying off bills for individual subscribers, or understanding network utilization, latency, and error rates for wholesale and business customers, Avaamo’s Telco customers are using conversational AI to provide a wide range of account services through personalized conversational interfaces embedded in their websites and custom mobile apps.

Customer Support & Self-service

When a Telco has to support 2000+ models of phones, modems, routers, etc., the technical skills required of the customer support staff go up dramatically as do the resultant average handle times. Avaamo’s customers are using conversations AI to implement a “shift-left” strategy and deflect calls from voice to web and mobile chat channels, thereby improving average handle time (AHT), first contact resolution (FCR), and Customer Sat / NPS scores.

“Telcos can cut the customer service calls by 90% by digitizing their customer support with self-care, instant messaging, and artificial-intelligence agents.”

Operations Productivity

As Telcos embark on an ambitious agenda of 5G Network upgrades, asset rationalization, and process digitization, there’s a constant need to retrain and improve employee productivity, especially in customer facing roles. Avaamo’s conversation AI helps Telcos streamline scheduling and field operations as well as quickly train their enterprise sales teams on newer capabilities.

Changing the game – Payments and Telematics

Avaamo’s Telco customers are embracing disruption by using to conversational interfaces to introduce game changing products in payments, banking, and telematics and upsell these products to their existing customers.

Conversational AI in action:

Recharge Assistant

Recharge Assistant suggests the best mobile recharge plan for you based on your usage, and answers any follow-up questions.
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Troubleshooting Advisor

Troubleshoots internet and email problems by walking you through diagnostic steps. Connects to a live agent if needed.
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