Data Moderator

Remove the dirt from your data

With Data Moderator, enterprise content undergoes thorough scanning to identify errors, contradictions, or outdated information.

Enterprise data quality matters
Take the next step towards data-aware generative AI

The significant promise lies in granting conversational access to valuable enterprise knowledge. However, for many enterprises, their data is riddled with contradictions, outdated information, and errors. It’s often incomplete, inconsistent, or contains inaccuracies.

LLaMB’s Data Moderator AI actively monitors enterprise content for errors and inaccuracies in your enterprise data and offers guidance on areas that require updating, correction, or even elimination. Data Moderator enables enterprises to improve data management, priming it for use as training data to achieve optimal results with models.

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Overview of Avaamo LLaMB™

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Data Moderator’s key features:

LLaMB Knowledge Graph

LLaMB provides visibility into ingested content through a knowledge graph, displaying relationships across key entities. It generates content-specific dictionaries and extracts abbreviations and taxonomies for developer review, validation, and updates.

LLaMB Analyze

This tool scans enterprise content to identify weak, contradictory, or outdated information. It offers suggestions and options for users to rectify these issues. Specifically, when dealing with data from sources like support ticket logs or tables with relationships, our tools can pinpoint data inconsistencies for user action.

LLaMB Enrich

Using user interactions and detailed topic analysis, LLaMB suggests areas where content requires updates or identifies specific topics for which new content is necessary.

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