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Ashley MacMillan on Using AI to automate the Contact Center

“We were in the midst of COVID, which we still very much are, but for us, we were getting an influx in calls that had tripled our call volumes. So, the question was, ‘how do we quickly get this information to our patients?’ Obviously there was a need there based on the volume of calls, and a need for that education.


So, for us the first use case was the COVID chatbot, which then tied into our COVID call center bot, based on the need that we saw in our community. More importantly, making sure our patients were informed, that they were getting the information that they needed.


In addition to the COVID chatbot, we also had the COVID-19 self-checker, which was huge, because I think many of us found ourselves in a position where we were wondering “Oh my gosh – have I been exposed? Do I have COVID?” Right? So just for them to be able to hop on and quickly manage something like that themselves and get the response they needed, which in turn would direct them either towards their healthcare provider, or quarantining, or whatever that looked like.


Those were some of the initial things that we did to meet that need and demand.