Improving the Digital Front Door in Healthcare: appointment automation using conversational AI

Conversational intelligent voice response (IVR) is driving change in the patient journey. With 88% of appointments booked online, healthcare organizations are finding substantial cost savings and improvements in patient satisfaction in the implementation of natural language, AI-driven solutions for the digital front door.


Today’s unprecedented challenge is the ability to schedule, manage, and follow up on the millions of COVID testing/vaccine appointments. How do we create a scalable system to accomplish this in a way that is easy to manage and creates a positive experience for patients on such a widespread level?


Ashley MacMillian, IS Project Manager for Saint Luke’s Health System, shares the value of a conversational AI tool integrated with EPIC, use cases, setting expectations, and the impact to the patient journey and healthcare operations in this on-deamnd webinar.


“Patient experience is the root of everything we do. Its all about serving our patients.”

“Avaamo is becoming a very well known term in our fantastic healthcare system. We are working with our CIO on expansion and growth of the use cases now.”

– Ashley MacMillan

Watch this on-demand webinar for a special session on the how-to’s of integrating EPIC with cutting-edge conversational AI technology to automate appointment scheduling, relieving the ever-growing volumes on call centers and reducing the cost of quality patient engagement.


Topics include:

  • Realized value of conversational AI tools
  • Use cases
  • Benefits and implications to the organization
  • Impact to the patient journey and to healthcare operations
  • Project details of integration, including timelines and required resources

Ashley MacMillan

Ashley MacMillan
IS Project Manager
Ambulatory Informatics, Saint Luke’s Health System


Ashley MacMillan knows that the best way to successfully manage a project is by leading, motivating, and supporting the people involved in the project. She excels at fostering strong relationships and thrives when multitasking on fast-paced strategic initiatives, being challenged, and learning new things.


As an Information Services Project Manager at Saint Luke’s Health System, Ashley leads the organization’s high-priority digital front door initiatives. Her background in informatics and expertise in project management has been instrumental in pushing forward Saint Luke’s leading-edge digital strategies.


Ashley earned her MA in Management with a Certification in Project Management. In addition to benefitting her professional projects, Ashley leans into these skills in her personal life as the mom of two active boys. Ask her about her RV adventures!

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