Learn How Siemens Supercharged Sales Teams with Generative AI



Join us for an insightful webinar on how Siemens transformed its sales process with the MACHINUM bot, an AI-powered Copilot solution designed to empower sales teams and enhance customer engagement.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Decision Drivers: Why Siemens chose a generative AI self-service solution.
  • Solution Benefits: How Avaamo’s LLaMB enabled sales teams and improved customer interactions.
  • Implementation Insights: Strategies and lessons from deploying the AI solution.
  • Adoption Techniques: How to achieve widespread usage among sales reps and partners.
  • Live Demo: Experience the MACHINUM Bot in action.

Ernst Bartsch will share the journey from inception to deployment and how the MACHINUM Bot is transforming Siemens’ approach to customer engagement and product management. Discover how the implementation significantly reduced calls to product managers, saved over 100 hours per month, and provided quick responses to enhance sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

ernstErnst Bartsch
Director of MACHINUM Product Family Development

Ernst holds a data analytics PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK. During his industrial PhD, Ernst worked for an AT&T Laboratories Cambridge spin-out. Later on AT&T Laboratories Cambridge became Microsoft Research UK. In parallel Ernst enrolled in entrepreneurship studies at Cambridge Judge Business School before joining Siemens Healthineers in 2003.

Building software products and solutions with cutting-edge technologies and building new internal businesses or spin-outs and spin-offs such innovative software products and services became a passion of Ernst from there onwards. From his first role at Siemens as product manager responsible for innovative soft copy reading including computer aided detection within syngo imaging product line in the healthcare domain, to developing digital strategies within the Siemens Healthineers’ corporate strategy team until today, as the Director of MACHINUM product family development in the smart manufacturing / industry 4.0 domain.

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Customer Success Manager

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