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Project COVID delivers a publicly accessible and interactive COVID-19 Intelligent Virtual Assistant that helps find answers quickly in “plain English”.

Project COVID uses Conversational AI to have a conversation with millions of pages of information from the CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), NIH (National Institutes of Health), and WHO (World Health Organization) to quickly get answers conversationally.

This project will be offered to users, care management teams, government agencies, and businesses for free. Contact projectcovid@avaamo.ai for more information

CovidTry it now. Access the Project COVID virtual assistant by clicking the avatar in the bottom right corner of this page.

What is Project COVID?

The first objective of Project COVID was to make a publicly accessible and interactive coronavirus virtual assistant that leverages Avaamo’s fundamental AI and deep learning technologies. The information ingested by the Avaamo engine and used to train this virtual assistant has been carefully selected only from authoritative sources. Project COVID will continue to look for ways to leverage Avaamo technologies and talent for the public good in order to combat this pandemic. This assistant is not a replacement for a medical professional.


What can you do with the COVID Assistant?

The Project COVID Virtual Assistant can have a dialog and answer any of your questions or concerns on the coronavirus. Here are some clickable examples of common questions you can ask:

Why is Avaamo doing this?

People are demanding easy access to reliable information regarding this pandemic. Avaamo launched Project COVID to ensure that everyone has access to information they need to help them manage their health concerns during this difficult time.  Avaamo is committed to ensuring you have the answers to your specific questions – not just links you have to search to try and find answers.


Why now?

Avaamo Virtual Assistants deployed in hospitals were already picking up buzzwords “cough, fever, fatigue” and “coronavirus” at a higher frequency. We knew that we were at the frontlines of this pandemic. Coronavirus or not, Avaamo already keeps foot traffic to and from hospitals where we are deployed to a minimum by letting patients interact with a virtual assistant on their phone or computer.  We are launching Project COVID to put our technology not just in the hands of our healthcare customers, but in the hands of the general public.


How often is it updated?

The Virtual Assistant is updated in real time. Whenever changes are made by CDC, WHO, NIH or any of the leading sources, whether it’s daily, weekly or hourly, COVID-19 Virtual Assistant will be updated. 


How easy is it to embed?

It’s very simple and takes less than a few minutes to embed the virtual assistant and begin to provide your employees and your customers with updated, relevant information to help navigate the crisis we are all facing. 

How do I get started?

Project COVID is available free of cost to providers, businesses, and public health officials. Simply contact: projectcovid@avaamo.ai

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