Knowledge Graph

The core libraries of our AI platform

Avaamo’s Knowledge Graph can ingest your company’s knowledge sources (documents, websites, Sharepoint, etc.) and instantly enable your virtual assistant to learn and respond to a customer’s natural language queries about that knowledge.

Knowledge Construction

Avaamo platform dynamically constructs a knowledge graph based on the documents and other assets provided. The knowledge graph serves the basis on which it’s able to respond to Natural language queries with the associated assets. Avaamo platform uses the knowledge graph to store data flexibly and in a way that allows the platform to understand the meaning of information in the complete context of their relationships.

Domain Knowledge

Your users might be unaware of acronyms (ETA, APR, YTD, etc.)  and jargon (copay, average daily balance, top-up, etc.)  that are commonly used in your domain or industry. Avaamo’s Knowledge Services provide inbuilt definitions for commonly used acronyms and allows the creation of a custom domain that allows the developer to define these objects and the associations and actions that can be performed on them.

Behavioral Knowledge Libraries

In addition to dynamically constructing knowledge graphs based on user provided information, Avaamo also comes with a pre-built set of knowledge packs that have default actions associated with them.  For instance – Does your virtual agent know how to respond if the user is frustrated? Avaamo’s Knowledge Services enable your virtual agents with archetypal responses to frustration, praise, enthusiasm, etc. and helps customize those responses to your business.

Document Insights

Instead of showing a small highlighted keyword which doesn’t give the user much context and forces the user to click through to the result, Avaamo’s Semantic Search summarizes the search response for the user so that 8 out of 10 times, the user doesn’t have to click through for more information.

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