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Avaamo named a Leader in Conversational AI by Everest Group, for the third year in a row

The recognition highlights the versatility of the Avaamo platform and ability to seamlessly deliver value for customers across processes and uses cases.
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Avaamo has been named a Leader by Everest Group, for the third consecutive year, in its latest Conversational AI PEAK Matrix® report. The report, which covered 26 leading conversational AI vendors and assessed their market success and overall capability, called out Avaamo for its versatility in covering a wide spectrum of use-cases across verticals and horizontals and the value that the platform delivers for our customers.

Versatile platform covering a wide spectrum of use-cases

According to Everest Group, “Avaamo’s versatile platform is designed to cover a wide spectrum of use-cases for conversational AI, allowing it to fulfil various business needs across different processes”.
Avaamo’s versatile platform is designed to cover a wide spectrum of use-cases for conversational AI, allowing it to fulfill various business needs across different processes
Avaamo’s mission is to be the most comprehensive conversational AI platform for the enterprises and automate (fully or partially) all the conversations with employees, customers, and suppliers.
With the vision to help enterprises break the technology siloes across different functions, our platform brings together key capabilities to fulfill these varied requirements:
Proprietary NLU engine: Avaamo’s NLU engine understands complex user queries and extracts intents and entities across multiple domains with very high accuracy
Low-code workflow designer:  Avaamo’s designer and a skill store contains over 1,500 pre-built, business-specific skills across HR, IT, customer care that are designed to give customers a head start and scale deployments quickly.
Omnichannel experience: supporting 70+ channels out-of-box to deliver secure and personalized human-like conversations that is seamless and persistent

Unprecedented adoption driven through value delivery

In the Everest Group PEAK Matrix assessment, Avaamo received Highest Rating for the “Value Delivered” parameter. This is a great validation from our customers, most of whom have multiple use case deployments with us. According to Everest Group, customers platform’s ease of use, strong integration ecosystem, and enhanced voice conversation capabilities as the key strengths.
Ease of use: We pioneered the concept of Enterprise skills to enable re-use of intents, associated training data, entities, and conversational intelligence across various use cases. This has become one of the most loved and sought after functionality amongst our customers.
Strong integration ecosystem: Avaamo supports integration using APIs, Web Services, ESBs, MQs, Custom Adapters and is plug & play ready with over 1,000 pre-built integrations into the enterprise tech stack, thus helping customers develop and deploy conversational applications conveniently.
Enhanced voice conversations: Enterprises want to move away from the clunky, robotic IVRs to voice experiences that embrace subtleties of human speech. With Avaamo AI voice, our customers have created custom voice avatars with tonality and timbre reflecting the “voice of their brand” and hence stood out amongst their peers.
Conversational AI industry is filled with claims and counter claims. Industry analysts offer a way to cut through this clutter. Each analyst tends to look at product capabilities and its applicability from a different lens. And it gives me immense pleasure to see Avaamo consistently being recognized as the category leader by leading analyst firms such as Everest Group, Forrester, IDC, GigaOm.
Skand Bhargava, Head of AI Research