Advanced NLU

Making computers understand humans

Avaamo’s proprietary NLU Engine helps you process and understand complex user queries. With a specific focus on reducing false positives, the NLU engine classifies users’ intents and extracts key entities from users’ queries with very high accuracy.
Cutting-edge NLU Technology

Understanding is the first step to an intelligent conversation

Deep Neural Networks

Avaamo’s extensions to recurrent Artificial Neural Network algorithms are aimed at maximizing accuracy and recall for varying levels of complexity on the dataset. These extensions include multiple dimension reductions for untagged, unstructured data covering both text and speech. This improves detection of false positives as well as domain-based accuracy resolution.

Intent & Entity Extraction

Avaamo’s NLU Engine applies syntactic, semantic, and stochastic processing to distill and discover the purpose behind the user’s message. To speed entity extraction and matching,  Avaamo’s NLU engine comes pre-built with 1000’s of entities, but also enables developers to create their custom multi-hierarchical entity definitions with associated dependencies.

Tone & Sentiment

Avaamo’s NLU engine can not only detect the appropriate tone and sentiment of the user query but also use additional dimensions including user conversation history, goals achieved, user feedback and accuracy of prediction to make a more contextual prediction on the user tone. Bot developers can also define appropriate actions based on the user tone; auto transferring to an agent when the user is frustrated or providing them with a relevant offer based on past interactions.

Multi-Language support

Avaamo’s NLU engine supports multiple languages by building segmentation support for different languages and allowing the bot developers to specify the training text and utterances in the appropriate language. In addition to supporting languages that are based on the Latin text (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.) our segmentation support extends to languages like Hindi, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, etc.

How Avaamo’s NLU Engine understands complex user queries


Analyze complex questions

Avaamo’s NLU Engine evaluates all possible meanings and interpretations to determine what the user is asking.

Deep neural networks

Our recurrent deep neural networks and proprietary gating extensions have been developed and trained to understand syntax, tone, behaviour and goals.

Relevant answers or solutions

Based on all available information and supported by our cognitive platform our NLU engine executes judgement-intensive tasks.

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