The Call Center of the future

Our AI-based Agents, your human agents

1.6 trillion spent on 265 billion calls/year, that’s $5 a call. There is a better way.

Avaamo voice-based AI assistants finally deliver on an immersive Omni-channel experience.

AI-powered speech recognition

Avaamo uses our multi-faceted patented machine learning algorithms understand vertical syntax, dialects, colloquialisms with best precision and recall in the industry, period.


Ditch the rigid IVR, Avaamo integrates with your transactions systems to learn from the customer’s previous transactions and deliver personalized interactions to improve engagement.

Seamless interactivity with your agent

Avaamo offers the flexibility to seamlessly transfer the session to the live agent to either complete or validate compliance specific transactions with persistence and context.

Preserve existing flows and routing with seamless integration

Integrates to your existing chat, call center routing systems to preserve your existing flows but transforms your end user engagement.

Assisted selling experience for diverse categories of products and services with over 100k+ website visitors

Want to make your new agents more productive?

Ventana Research reports that 44% of contact center agents need to access three or more applications to resolve a single customer issue. Avaamo Agent desktop eliminates many of these time-consuming steps by giving agents instant suggestions on how to respond to individual customers, or insights into the customer based on sentiment analysis and previous customer interactions. Guiding agents through interactions helps them find better answers and deliver them faster.

Solutions Brief

Striking the Right Chord with Conversational IVR.

By 2021, early adopter brands that redesign their business to support voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%