Avaamo’s Conversational IVR platform delivers end-to-end automation by plugging into and augmenting dated IVR and other call center technologies with an AI voice layer.

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Avaamo’s Conversational IVR


Reduction in live agent calls


Contact center calls resolved in 2020


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Increase in caller satisfaction

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Avaamo Conversational IVR

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Avaamo’s conversational IVR allows callers to converse naturally to get the exact service they want – without having to navigate long and complicated audio menus.

AI-based Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Ask your question and our patented Automated speech recognition (ASR) + NLU engine will understand the meaning, the nuance, and the intent behind the question, not just the words. Getting the intent right can itself reduce your Average Handle Time (AHT) by 30-40% by eliminating misroutes.

Call Routing

No need to press buttons to select the options, user can just speak what they want and the platform can automatically understand the sequence of utterances and determines the user intent to steer the user to the right response/flow. This helps remove a lot of complex call center navigation and provides a high quality self-service experience for the users.

50+ Languages

Not just English our Voice technology can understand your question in different languages and various dialects. Avaamo conversation platform can understand and also respond back to users in their language of choice.

Automated Outbound Calling

Proactively distribute communications to customers. Avaamo’s outbound conversational IVR allows an organization to automatically engage customers through multiple channels, such as automated voice calls, SMS messages, email or social media posts using personalized notifications.

Automated Customer Authentication

Provide a personalized and proactive experience by  identifying the user based on phone number (matching to existing customer data), authenticating the user so you can anticipate their needs and proactively address their issues – without needing an agent intervention. Also the responses can be personalized to the user’s language.

Smart Transfer to Agent

Avaamo’s conversational IVR enables you to fully automate business processes and eliminate live agent handoffs for a significant portion of your incoming calls. However, our tone analyzer monitors customer emotions and can seamlessly switch to a live agent—based on your rules—whenever negative emotions such as worry, frustration, anger, or urgency are detected.

Out-of-the-box SIP Integration

Avaamo’s SIP integrations allow for immediate deployment with full functionality into your contact center. What’s more, we can customize and scale our platform on an as-needed basis, while at the same time making the most out of your legacy infrastructure.

Plug & Play integration into IVR platforms

Using a combination of noise-cancellation and deep voice print analysis, Avaamo’s voice biometrics can help you voice match incoming calls to customers’ voice profiles and defend against record-and-replay type security issues.

NLU + Human Speech Synthesis

Avaamo’s AI-based automatic speech recognition (ASR) delivers advanced NLU and a word error rate (WER) of less than 5%. Coupled with that, human-like nuanced speech synthesis generates tone-sensitive crisp voice output.

Learn more about Avaamo Conversational IVR™

Conversational IVR has opened opportunities for businesses that want to offer better self-service — and do so in a way that’s trending with customers. Find out more.

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