Vertical AI

Solving industry-specific problems by combining AI and domain expertise

Whether it’s Card Services in banking or Claims Processing in insurance, Avaamo comes with over 275 pre-built vertical AI ML models to give you a head start in implementing Conversational Banking, Insurance, Telco, Retail, Manufacturing, or Healthcare.

What is a prebuilt vertical AI model?

An average sentence of 13 words requires 3 trillion variations for deep learning to pinpoint its true meaning. However, by focusing on specific functional areas within an industry (e.g. “quote generation” in insurance) and by combining curated datasets with specialized algorithms for such sparse datasets, Avaamo is able to accurately pinpoint thousands of industry-specific intents and entities—out-of-the-box.
Insurance Domain – Vertical AI model example
insurancedomain diagram@2x

Our pre-trained vertical AI domains

These prebuilt vertical AI ML models can be simply locked and loaded to launch your next conversational AI assistant within days.


With over 2 million banking specific utterances, 1000+ intents, and 500K entities, Avaamo’s Banking domain comes pre-built to handle conversations related to Loan initiation, Card servicing, Fraud detection, Account management, Mortgage origination.


With nearly a million plus interactions everyday, 1500+ intents, and 1M+ entities, Avaamo’s Insurance domain comes pre-built to handle conversations related to Quote generation, Eligibility, Policy amendments, Offers, Claims, and much more across Life, General, Health, Auto, Property, Casualty, Underwriting, and Reinsurance.


From consumer offerings to wholesale and business products, Avaamo’s Telco domain has over 1000+ intents and 800K entities to handle conversations related to plan discovery, prepaid and postpaid purchase including activation, billing, account management, network utilization, digitized customer care, field operations, mobile payments, and more.


Whether it’s for patients, providers, or payors, Avaamo’s Healthcare domain has over 1200+ intents and 400K entities and is pre-built to handle conversations related to service discovery, scheduling, chronic care management, post-operative care, referrals, coverage, billing, and claims.

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