Modernizing CX for improving First Contact Resolution (FCM)

Plans & Offers

Avaamo’s Telco customers are using conversational AI to guide their subscribers through the bewildering choice of phone models (and EIPs), prepaid and postpaid plans, and add-on offers, while maximizing the value for their subscribers and driving higher ARPU and profit margins.

Account Servicing

Whether it is activating plans, understanding data usage, doing top-ups, and paying off bills for individual subscribers, or understanding network utilization, latency, and error rates for wholesale and business customers, Avaamo’s Telco customers are using conversational AI to provide a wide range of account services through personalized conversational AI interfaces embedded in their websites and custom mobile apps.

Field Service Management

As Telcos embark on an ambitious agenda of 5G Network upgrades, asset rationalization, and process digitization, there’s a constant need to retrain and improve employee productivity, especially in customer facing roles. Avaamo’s conversation AI helps Telcos streamline field service management including scheduling technicians, context aware recommendation while trouble shooting onsite, easy answers to operating protocols and more.

According to Forrester’s CX Index scoring system, communications service providers that increase CX score by one point generate an additional $3.39 in per-customer incremental revenue.


Our pre-built skills combine conversational AI, telecom domain expertise, and integrations to resolve the following use cases:

Have questions about your bill? Ask our Intelligent Virtual Assistants to get immediate answers about data usage, remaining balance, or other account-related questions. 


  • Check current prepaid account balance or data usage.
  • If balance is significantly low, the bot proactively ‘suggests’ a recharge to avoid additional fees.
  • Integrates with a Payment Gateway for monetary transactions.
  • Provides a way to verify users via 2 factor authentication, including an OTP or via secret questions

Things you can say

“What is my prepaid balance?”

“What is my data balance?”

“Does my prepaid balance including roaming?”


AI integrations for Ericsson, Redknee, Netcracker, Amdocs, IBM, and Nokia
Voice assistant for account servicing

Customers can use natural language to quickly recharge their phones or add additional services. 


  • Customers can ask any questions about their current plan and usage statistics with the Assistant.
  • The assistant proactively notifies the customer when a recharge is needed to avoid additional fees.
  • The assistant can analyze usage patterns and suggest more affordable plans and options.
  • Narrow down information about offers and promotions according to different criterion.
  • Integrates with a Payment Gateway for monetary transactions.

Things you can say

“Can I how much is left on my prepaid balance?”

“What happens to my unused balance?”

“Any offers for voice? I am not particular of data offers though.”

“What is the minimum recharge required to keep number active?”


AI integrations for Ericsson, Redknee, Netcracker, Amdocs, IBM, and Nokia
Voice assistant for plan changes on mobile

Ingest all your telecoms knowledge base—pdfs, documents, websites—to create an assistant that answers your customers questions on troubleshooting, support, and services—quickly and accurately.


  • Using natural language, the assistant can answer any question found on website, support portals, and customer facing documents.
  • Our technology automatically builds a question & answer model for precise responses to questions.
  • Provides one or more sections of an article when an exact answer is not possible.
  • Includes link to the actual knowledge base page when possible.

Things you can say

“What do the modem lights mean?”

“My wifi went out, what do I do?”

“Will I be charged for the SMS authorization?”

“How do I know if international roaming is working?”

“How far does the signal go from my house?”



AI integrations for Ericsson, Redknee, Netcracker, Amdocs, IBM, and Nokia
AI voice assistant for troubleshooting

Our suite of skills for field service management streamline operations including scheduling technicians, on-site troubleshooting,  answers to operating protocols, and much more.


  • Technicians in the field can quickly access critical site information including mapping, customer information, barcode scanning, service orders, and protocols.
  • Technicians in the filed can raise tickets, clear tickets, and provision equipment.
  • Using natural language, the Field Service Assistant can help the technician troubleshoot and resolve service orders.
  • The Assistant proactively sends notifications and alerts specific to the job site, such as port availability, locating cable path, and fetching remarks.

Things you can say

“Map customer location”

“Please show me customer’s info”

“Please reset the port”

“What’s the provisioning status of the equipment?”

“Update the qualification data”


AI integrations for Ericsson, Redknee, Netcracker, Amdocs, IBM, and Nokia
Conversational AI for field service management

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