The Buyer’s Guide to Conversational AI

How to Select the Right Technology Partner For Your Enterprise

Whether it’s the IT service desk, human resources, or customer support, businesses are increasingly adopting conversational AI across verticals as part of their digital transformation strategy. This transformative approach to self-service automation is enabling teams to handle unpredictable spikes in service requests, reduce operational costs, and increase CSAT scores.


But what should enterprises look for when buying conversational AI software? And when do they need a chatbot versus an IVA?


The conversational AI landscape is populated by numerous categories of vendors — from those that provide basic ‘toolboxes’ to those that offer fully integrated, vertical-specific solutions.


In this online event, join Avaamo’s Senior Conversational AI Strategist, Manu Prasanna, to learn about:


  • The conversational AI landscape in 2021
  • Types of platforms and key differentiators
  • Pricing models and ROI
  • The key to a successful conversational AI strategy

Manu Prasanna

Senior Conversational AI Strategist


Manu Prasanna is an experienced marketing and technology professional. At Avaamo, Manu ensures Avaamo products are aligned to market needs and the quality of the products are in alignment with company values. Previously at VMware, Manu was in charge of developing a next-generation Cloud Management Platform including Cloud Automation, Operations, and Business Management products. Manu was one of the key figures for the new tech releases from VMware. His passion for creating and distributing beneficial software services has allowed for exciting market trends and tech updates.

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