On demand webinar series

Contact Center AI:
A Call to Transform CX

This three session webinar series will provide insights on the strategies, successes, and lessons learned from contact center AI implementations to assist your contact center automation strategy.
Watch this webinar series where Avaamo Contact Center AI experts, along with Santosh Chand from Air Asia, share their insights and experiences from delivering contact center automation successfully to delight customers, empower agents, and differentiate from the competition.
AUG 26
10:00 a.m. PDT

Thinking about AI for Contact Center Automation? 5 Essential Steps to Designing an Effective Strategy

Skand Bhargava shares observations on how to design an effective AI-powered contact center automation strategy. The session brings together the findings from analysis of over 2 billion interactions managed over Avaamo’s platform in the last 12 months across 10+ countries and reveals do’s and don’ts of how to leverage automation and AI.
10:00 a.m. PDT

How are Voice AI Experiences Redefining World’s Best Contact Centers?

World’s leading enterprises are using conversational AI to rise above the frustrations from IVR and stop the user from pressing 0 for a live agent. Join this session with Robert Smith as he walks you through best practices and principles around designing an intuitive, human-like voice experience.
OCT 27
10:00 a.m. PDT

Contact Center AI Strategy: The Art and Science of Measuring Automation ROI

Most contact center automation has not resulted in tangible ROI. Contact center leaders must avoid costly mistakes such as applying traditional contact center metrics to the automation strategy. In this webinar, Skand Bhargava will demystify the ROI for contact center automation and share what to measure and what not when assessing automation ROI.

Meet the speakers

Skand Bhargava
Head of AI Research

Skand Bhargava comes from strong thought leadership background in contact center automation space and is responsible for Avaamo’s unique value proposition and positioning of its offerings, product leadership and patented technology with all relevant stakeholders in the marketplace. In his prior role at Everest Group, he led the CXM advisory practice managing relationships with Fortune 500 companies and leading vendors in the CXM space. With over 12 years of advisory experience, Skand’s passionate about the interplay between contact center, customer experience, and conversational AI.

Santosh Chand
Head of Customer Happiness
Air Asia

Santosh has an exemplary record in pioneering Customer Happiness function at AirAsia India and integrating Service Excellence as a scorecard function contributing to 20% of the overall business. Santosh is a highly motivated change leader, quality auditor and a transformation coach; able to bring energy, enthusiasm and humor to motivate team members to ensure they feel connected and reinforces their value.


Santosh is an IIM Calcutta alumnus in Business Strategy with more than 14 years of business expertise in managing consumer experience, business transformation, operations, planning, strategy, people functions, L&D, quality and process improvement projects

Robert Smith
Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Robert Smith is a Sr Solution Architect  for Contact  Center AI at Avaamo. His primary goal is to design Contact Center Ai solutions to achieve customers’ contact center automation outcomes. 


His background includes hands-on experience with  contact center Ai and other cognitive technologies, along with analytics, big data, integration, and search. This experience helps him to see how it can all work together, to best ensure successful solution deployment, as well as growth.