Avaamo AI Voice humanizes contact center automation

Avaamo announces “Avaamo AI Voice”

Avaamo introduces AI voice, a new product innovation as a part of our Contact center AI stack. This is next step in our vision to humanize self-service automation and use AI to improve the CX experience. Brands who are building self-service experiences should not depend on generic Alexa or Google voices that poorly reflect their brand. As voice assistants become ubiquitous, the voice that answers a customer call needs to communicate much more than information. The tonality and timbre reflect the “voice of the brand”. With Avaamo AI voice, enterprises can create voice avatars based on their existing voice talent, such as a trusted company spokesperson. With the talent’s permission and a few hours of recording, Avaamo Voice AI technology can be used create a custom brand voice to enhance call center automation. Avaamo AI voice allows customers to adjust pitch, volume, speed, and intonation that contribute to whether a voice is perceived as warm, engaging, or trustworthy.

The current problem

Most voices available for legacy enterprise IVR were simply words and sounds glued together to give a clunky, robotic effect. Getting them to sound any more natural was a laborious, manual task. With the advent of automation using intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs), the standard robotic voice has been widely criticized as dehumanizing the customer service experience. Avaamo has been working hard to resolve this challenge and to create AI voices that not only sound natural but effectively communicate emotion.

Give your robotic IVR voice a make over

Recent breakthroughs in deep learning have made it possible to replicate many of the subtleties of human speech. Avaamo AI Voice can pause and breathe in all the right places. The voice can be custom designed to change their style or emotion to become indistinguishable from humans. Avaamo AI Voice studio ensures software developers no longer need to laboriously dictate the exact pacing, pronunciation, or intonation of the generated speech. Instead, they could feed a few hours of audio into Avaamo AI Voice algorithm and have the algorithm learn those patterns on its own.

The Economics of Avaamo AI voice

These advances in Deep Learning make our voice design cheaper than hiring custom voice talent. Overheads such as custom recordings, ensuring consistency across languages, or editing existing content can now be eliminated. Avaamo AI voice is scalable, and easy to work with the ability to update the script in realtime based on business needs.

The Value of Avaamo AI voice in your contact center

1) Cost efficiencies of the CX experience
Enterprises currently use Avaamo Voice to create unique voices to greet patients, customers, employees and direct them through optimized automated customer service workflows to gain cost efficiencies.
2) Consistency of the CX experience
Call center managers are now able integrate a consistent voice experience across multiple channels, countries, and languages. Advantages such as the quality of the voices, scalability of the infrastructure, and real-time rendering are making it easy to design and deploy bespoke voice avatars.
3) Using Avaamo AI voice to build it cheaper, better, faster
With Avaamo, developers can design, build, host, and deploy their unique AI voices cheaper better and faster. Developers can pick from a range of voice avatars and create voiceovers straight from a script, with one or many voices based on style, gender, and production type. They’re able to make edits to the copy, change the pausing, or use a different voice and teach the platform to say terms with unique spellings, regional intonation or industry-specific acronyms and pronunciations.

Avaamo AI Voice: vision and value

Avaamo’s unique patented technology, through a judicious combination of natural language understanding (NLU), AI voice, and call center workflow automation have made it possible to build a unique self-service automation services in healthcare, IT, customer service, and we continue to execute on the vision of AI-based Contact center automation.

We are happy to discuss and partner with you on this journey and create exponential value for you and your customers.
Ram Menon, CEO & Co-founder