What are Skill Builders?

Creating skills that can automate complex enterprise use cases isn’t easy. It’s an arduous, time-consuming endeavor involving training data, conversation design, NLP, deep integrations, and deployment configurations—each time you build one. Not scalable—we know—that’s why we designed & developed our skill builders. They come bundled with all the necessary technology and domain expertise so that you will never have to start from scratch again. Time to accelerate.
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Minimal coding

With our Skill Builders, quickly design enterprise-grade skills with minimal coding and configuration required. You can also edit and customize pre-built skills directly from our skill store for even more rapid deployment.

Plug & play

Each skill you develop is entirely modular and scalable. Bundled inside each skill are intents, training data, dialogs, nlu, and integration code to make it function entirely on its own—they can be shared, published, and easily re-used across departments and multiple organizations. Create and add the skill to any agent in minutes.

Built for enterprise, by enterprise

Enterprise skills are 10X more complex than consumer-oriented skills such as Alexa’s. Enterprise skills need to automate specific business transactions and use cases that require multi-turn conversations, personalization, deep integrations, military grade security, and machine learning. Our Skill Builders are built for enterprise, by enterprise.

150+ integrations

Anyone can integrate with REST API. But what if your mainframe-based Core Banking system doesn’t have one? Avaamo supports integration using APIs, Web Services, ESBs, MQs, Custom Adapters, and much more. Plus it comes with 200+ Pre-built integrations with business applications like Salesforce, Oracle Business Applications, SAP Applications, Workday, ServiceNow etc.

Let’s meet the builders

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Flow Designer

Design complex conversations—visually

The Flow Designer is an intuitive conversational modeling tool that enables non-technical content writers and developers alike to design and edit conversational flows quickly. The Designer provides a comprehensive set of content templates such as surveys, forms, carousels, and rich media cards to create beautiful and engaging conversational interfaces.

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Dynamic Dialog

Realtime generated, multi-turn conversations

With our Dynamic Dialog skill you simply define the parameters you need in order to complete a transaction (intent) and our platform will auto generate the conversations needed to capture them.


This skill harnesses the power of our ML domain models and their associated intents and entities. Not only does our AI understand what the user is asking and which system to get that information from, it is also able to dynamically generate a predictive natural language response to present that information.

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Avaamo Answers

Create an intelligent, conversational knowledge base

The Answers skill lets you converse with millions of documents buried in multiple silos across the enterprise. Simply import your company’s documents (PDFs, URLs, etc) and the information will be processed, classified, cleansed, and transformed into a conversational knowledge base. Whether it’s reducing support tickets in IT, answering claims inquiries in insurance, or clarifying healthcare benefits in HR, Avaamo Answers lets you ask questions and receive a context- aware answer from anywhere in your entire knowledge base.


Avaamo Answers builds on cutting-edge advances in transfer learning, natural language generation, and machine learning to deliver a uniquely bidirectional, context-aware, and hyper personalized user experience.

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Contact Centre AI

An AI-powered IVR enabling natural conversations over the phone

Use our Conversational IVR Builder to enable voice interactions so that customers can self-serve and successfully resolve issues within the IVR. Callers avoid complicated menu trees by interacting with the system naturally—in their own words—for an intelligent, personalized experience that feels like they are speaking with a human.

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Business Q&A

Create a custom knowledge base

Business Q&A lets you create responses for one-off questions and answers that do not require multi-step dialogs. Typically, the questions are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to your business, product, or service. Simply upload a question and answer or create a custom response to user queries in CSV format. 

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Add the power of personality

Virtual agents need to convey and represent your brand. Don’t make them sound like lifeless machines. Give them a personality and emotion that users will want to return to.


Our Smalltalk Skill Builder allows you to develop a custom personality for your agent: friendly, serious, humorous, the possibilities are endless. Smalltalk also handles all random customer queries, so having a comprehensive library is critical to having an effective, humanlike virtual assistant.

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Avaamo Skill Builders

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Datasheet: Avaamo Answers



Answers™ initiates a dialog with millions of documents buried in multiple silos across the enterprise.

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