Building a ROI Model to Convince Stakeholders

See how much you can save by implementing contact center AI

How to
use the calculator

Contact Center AI savings calculator aggregates Avaamo’s experience working closely with large enterprises in automating their customer conversations. Use the calculator to estimate the impact of contact center automation in 4 simple steps:


Provide an overview of your contact center


Help us develop a view of your customer preferences


Share your customers’ self-service experience


Get estimated benefits of contact center automation

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Lets get started…

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Schedule Consultation with an Expert

Free of cost, 60-min session with an Avaamo expert to sharpen your inputs and enhance our analysis

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Develop a Roadmap for Automation

Armed with experience of enterprise implementations, Avaamo experts will recommend a plan to automate your contact center

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Automation Pilot

Avaamo experts will suggest potential use cases for automation and help you prioritize the right one to launch within weeks

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Scale Up the Implementation

Leverage the learnings from the pilot to expand across the entire customer lifecycle covering additional use cases and business functions


Want to improve your contact center with AI that talks, understands and interacts?


Delivering Results that Matter


Improvement in Self-Service Rates


Reduction in Average Handle Time


Reduction in Agent Onboarding Time


Improvement in First Contact Resolution

Automating Customer Interactions Across Industries

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