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This page highlights points of view from well-established, independent research firms with expertise in the conversational AI technology market. Furthermore, we have summarized our rankings from leading independent peer-to-peer review sites and recommend visiting their sites to read unbiased customer reviews.

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LEADER Everest Group PEAK Matrix® 2023

Conversational AI Products (fourth year in a row)

Everest Group’s take

Avaamo’s platform incorporates essential generative components that are fundamental to building enterprise grade LLM applications. These include a firewall designed to eliminate hallucinations, streamline content filtration, and enhance audit processes. The platform also features modules for providing precise and summarized responses, as well as for auto-composing and auto-generating dialogs.

Avaamo’s voice AI offerings empower clients to customize voice types, transcending robotic IVR voices and enhancing the overall user experience.

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LEADER SPARK Matrix™ Q4, 2022

Chatbots for IT Operations

Quadrant Knowledge Solution’s take

With its comprehensive capabilities, compelling customer references, comprehensive roadmap & vision, and product suite with high scalability, the platform has received strong ratings across technology excellence and customer impact.

Avaamo platform’s NLU engine, pre-built AI/ML models, conversational intelligence & flow, live agent transfer, deep analytics, and no/low code technology enables IT teams to automate issue resolution related to organization’s IT systems.

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LEADER Everest Group PEAK Matrix® 2022

Conversational AI – Technology Vendor Products (third year in a row)

Everest Group’s take

Avaamo’s conversational AI platform is powered with low-code workflow designer, a library of pre-built skills and workflows, proprietary NLP engine, and agent-assist with next-best actions suggestion capability. It has a skill store that comes with over 1,500 pre-built industry- and process-specific skills for quick implementation and scaling of bots

It has enhanced its voice capabilities by allowing enterprises to clone voice of individuals based on recordings and alter voice attributes such as gender, accent, and pauses. It has significant experience of deploying conversational AI across voice channels, in addition to chat and multi-modal

Buyers highlight the platform’s ease of use, integration with other platforms, ease of training, and support provided by Avaamo as its key strengths

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Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) 

GigaOm’s take

Out-of-the-box enterprise system integration connectors make this IVA solution a good choice for large enterprises with complex back-end system requirements.

The AI-based automated IVA builder is another core strength of this solution, reducing time to deployment.

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LEADER IDC 2021 MarketScape®

Worldwide General-Purpose Conversational AI Platforms 2021 Vendor Assessment

IDC’s take

Avaamo has developed very strong natural language processing capabilities as well as speech recognition capabilities across a variety of text- and voice-based channels.

In addition to its own developer and low-code tools, Avaamo also offers a 'skill' store where customers can choose from thousands of prebuilt skills provided by Avaamo and its partners.

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LEADER Everest Group PEAK Matrix® 2021

Conversational AI – Technology Vendor Products

Everest Group’s take

Avaamo offers a comprehensive conversational AI solution that includes features such as pre-built skills and intents for quick implementation, native voice capabilities, connectors to leading enterprise solutions, and agent-assist capabilities.

The platform comes with large libraries of pre-built intents for various industries as such as BFSI, healthcare, retail, and telecom, as well as process areas such as IT helpdesk, HR support, and customer support.

The platform can remember context from previous conversations, switch context within a conversation, and remember context across all its channels.

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LEADER Forrester New Wave™ 2020

Chatbots for IT Operations

Forrester’s take

Avaamo boasts strong language learning and integration capabilities, supporting multiple languages, data ingestion tools, and multiple ML training mechanisms. it also has an integrations library that supports rPa-type connectors to integrate into any enterprise environment.

Is best for those that need a mature chatbot for a complex environment. With complex environment integrations, strong language support, and high development requirements, avaamo is best suited for large enterprises looking to automate iT workloads and more.

Avaamo’s customers are very impressed with the solution. Avaamo’s customers have seen significant automation benefits from adoption (one saw 90% deflection), and are expanding to new use cases.

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LEADER Research in Action Vendor Selection Matrix™ 2020

AI powered chatbot platforms

Research in Action’s take

Avaamo is the most scaleable enterprise class conversational AI automation stack.

Advanced Tooling for developers and business users to fine tune, personalize and manage the designed AI conversations.

Full stack capabilities across security, analytics, policy management and life cycle management.

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COMPANY OF THE YEAR Frost & Sullivan 2020

Indian Customer Service Chatbot Provider
Company of the Year Award

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