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The coronavirus is getting us comfortable with the virtual doctor’s appointment, and that’s going to ultimately change the entire conversation about the cost and delivery of healthcare.

Healthcare infrastructure is stressed

Virtual healthcare is becoming acceptable—if not required—which is permanently changing the way healthcare services are delivered. Health is an information problem. For decades, innovation in healthcare was focused on modern industrial societies, prioritized technically advanced hospitals and payment through traditional service models. Modern healthcare systems work tirelessly to provide a cocoon of care once you “walk in” to a health care provider: reassure the mother of a feverish child, the middle-aged man with heartburn, or the declining pensioner. Conversational AI technologies are able to de-link the delivery of healthcare services from the constraints of physical geography and “brick and mortar”  locations.

AI-powered self-service

Conversational AI technologies are ushering in a new age where virtual patient care — from appointment scheduling to urgent care direction and medication management — is possible using virtual care tools based on conversational AI. With our omnichannel support and backend integrations to major healthcare applications, patients can check test results, manage their medication, and get the information they need, whenever they need it.

We want to move away from the traditional vision of everything is bricks and mortar and care is delivered in person. We want to show that we can participate in the spectrum of care however we describe it. It can be synchronous and asynchronous, and it can be in person.

–Dr Richard Zane, Chief Innovation Office, UCHealth


HIPAA-compliant virtual health assistants deliver responsive, personalized patient care at scale


Successful coverage of all customer queries including medical questions, appointment scheduling, medication management, and EHR navigation.


Over 150 million unique customer journeys have been logged over the last year by our AI healthcare assistants.


Our AI assistants are making healthcare more accessible for 3.5 million patients.

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Avaamo is optimizing the healthcare ecosystem through AI powered self-service that is simple and intuitive.

Conversational Interface

Patients can simply ask their healthcare questions and concerns and receive immediate resolution, without having to navigate call centers, portals or waiting on hold.The intelligent virtual assistant answers healthcare-related questions and handles common patient requests 24/7.

Multilingual Support for Patients

With multilingual support in more than 30 languages over text and voice, the Avaamo virtual assistant caters to a diverse population with specific needs.

Pre and Post Visit Assistant

We have pre-built integrations to healthcare systems such as Epic, Cerner, AMiON, AllScripts, eClinicalWorks, that enable you to request test results and medication, especially in high touch areas of pre and post natal care.

Privacy and PII Compliance

Avaamo is the industry's only HIPAA-compliant conversational AI platform to ensure the protection of personal healthcare information.

Choose Your Interface

The virtual assistant can be deployed on a variety of channels including web chat, mobile apps, SMS, smart speakers, voice, and more.

AI for healthcare on Alexa and smart speakers

Healthcare Skills

Our pre-built skills combine conversational AI, healthcare domain expertise, and integrations to automate the following use cases:

Converse in natural language to immediately find a doctor or clinic near you by name, specialty, or location.


  • Integrates with an Epic EHR system
  • Handles natural language queries and searches across custom entities of doctors, locations, and ailments
  • Our healthcare domain models map over 100,000 symptoms to their corresponding ailments
  • Follows HIPAA compliance: ensures proper authentication and does not store patient data
  • Provides patients with information about clinics including directions, contact details, and consulting hours

Things you can say

“I’m looking for a Cardiologist in Denver”

“I need information on a Denver-based dentist experienced with jaw fractures.”

“Can I see a list of obstetricians in my area?”

“I need directions to the nearest trauma center”

“Where is the nearest clinic specializing in sports injuries?”


AI integration with Epic; AI Integration with Cerner
Conversational AI on virtual assistants

Book, change, or cancel appointments through an intelligent virtual assistant that syncs to physician scheduling. 


  • Enables appointments with providers
  • Integrates with locations, doctor schedules, history

Things you can say

“Get me an appointment with Dr. Strange for neurological consultation”

“Cancel my appointment with Dr. Banner.”

“What are my upcoming appointments?”

“Please schedule a TB test for Tuesday at 3pm”


AI integration with Epic; AI Integration with Cerner
Voice AI for appointment scheduling

Remind patients to take their medication, motivate them to adhere to their regimen, and provide medicine-specific information.


  • Tracks and lists patient medications
  • Proactively reminds users to take their medication
  • Refills prescriptions
  • Provides medicine-specific information

Things you can say

“What are my medications?”

“Refill my medications”

“What’s the recommended dose for my Lipitor prescription?”


AI integration with Epic; AI Integration with Cerner
AI for healthcare - medication management

Use natural language to quickly access your test results, immunizations, allergies, medications, etc.


  • Integrate into your EHR and access your medical records using natural language (conversationally).
  • Conversationally access schedules, patient health data, and lab results.
  • Navigate your EHR via text or voice.
  • Leverage virtual assistants to assist with tasks while supporting HIPAA-compliance

Things you can say

“Can I see my new test results?”

“What immunizations have I already taken?”

“What allergies do I have on file?”


AI integration with Epic; AI Integration with Cerner
AI for EPIC and HER

Detect urgent care situations and provide informational assistance.


  • Recognizes emergencies and flags them according to seriousness
  • Provides patients with information on nearest urgent care facilities 

Things you can say

“I’m having trouble breathing, could it be asthma?”

“I have a fever of of 101. Should I be worried?”

“I have fallen down and feel intense pain in my hip”

“I think my arm is broken”


AI integration with Epic; AI Integration with Cerner
AI for healthcare - urgent care finder
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We’re taking Avaamo’s leading edge technology and translating it into the ultimate patient care.

Ashley Macmillan
IS Project Manager
Saint Luke’s Health System


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