Voice-enabled Enterprise

Every business should have a voice.

Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana can now join your workforce by helping other employees and starting a dialogue with your customers.

Is your business prepared to live in Alexa’s world?


Smart speakers


Smart displays


Voice-enabled laptops


Smartphone Voice Assistants

Voice for your employees

Voice-first expectations

Employees now demand less bureaucracy and more intuition. Avaamo helps you meet these changing employee expectations by voice-enabling high-frequency functions such as IT service desk, HR Benefits, expense approvals, facilities booking, directory assistance, and document search — for baby-boomers and Gen Z’ers alike.

Whose Echo is this?

Not only are smart speakers and displays becoming ubiquitous at work, but they are increasingly being used in shared locations such as conference rooms and shop floors. Avaamo enables enterprise-wide deployment of shared devices with multiple levels of authentication and authorization options for such devices.

Enterprise Siri

As MDM becomes more prevalent, employees get lost in a myriad of point mobile apps; they need a Quarterback to call the plays on these apps. Avaamo delivers the equivalent of Siri for your enterprise apps — ubiquitously accessible from any of your apps. And makes the mobile investments from your last 5 years be valuable for the next 5 years.


“OK Google, can my dependent parents be covered by our company medical plan?

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Voice for your customers

From novelty to engagement

You’ve done your first pilot skill on Alexa, and gotten your customers’ attention. Now what? Avaamo helps you go beyond the average voice skill that does simple single-turn conversations. With Avaamo, you can create engaging multi-turn conversations with smart follow-ups that ensure that your customers use your skill or voice action beyond the first trial.

Beyond Account Balance

Most Alexa skills are purely informational. With Avaamo, you can integrate your voice skill with a range of enterprise systems, setup multi-factor verification for your customers, and help your customers complete end-to-end business transactions. This ensures that your Alexa Skill or Google Voice Action actually lowers calls to your 1-800 #.

Keep up with the Joneses…

Every 3 months, each Amazon, Microsoft, and Google release upgrades to their smart assistant platforms. Do you want your crack innovation team to make ongoing changes to your pilot skill and become a sustenance/production support team? Avaamo helps you avoid that and seamlessly perform production-quality upgrades to your smart assistant platform.

Focus on customer, not channel

Every smart assistant platform has a niche. Alexa is great for at-home usage. Google Assistant on the phone is excellent for on-the-go usage, and Microsoft and Apple are gearing towards the in-car experience. Don’t be beholden to one smart assistant platform. With Avaamo, you can build one smart voice assistant, and deploy on any platform so that you can reach your customers no matter where they are.

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