Conversational AI in Healthcare

A conversation with UCHealth

Avaamo client UCHealth demonstrates their virtual assistant “Livi”.

Patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance when it comes to the priorities of a healthcare organization. Join Nicole Caputo, Director of Experience and Innovation at UCHealth, as she gives a live demonstration of their AI virtual assistant “Livi”. Livi helps over 10,000 patients every month find a doctors, find healthcare facilities, and find answers to health related questions. During the webinar Nicole dives into how they’re using Livi to drive patient engagement and satisfaction, the successes they’ve had using her, and future plans.

Key Takeaways in this webinar:

Virtual assistants meet patients anywhere they are.

Patient experience is above all else.

When implementing a virtual assistant be fully committed to success short and long-term.

Set expectations to users.

Take the brunt off your support center with 10K inquires handled by the virtual assistant every month.

Hosted by

Nicole Caputo, Director of Experience and Innovation at UCHealth and Nick Davisson, Digital Marketing Manager at Avaamo.


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