A Thinking Supply Chain

Employing cognitive technology for an intelligent and predictive supply chain


84% of supply chain managers believe visibility and coordiniation are a significant challenge in the supply chain.
Avaamo addresses these challenges with Conversational AI

Procurement process management

Suppliers can often be frustrated by the procurement process, especially when invoices are rejected due to errors or coded preferences. Avaamo’s conversational AI platform allows our customers to offer their suppliers sophisticated AI driven assistants that understand supplier preferences, match company policies against requests and assist in supplier documentation and error reduction and faster invoice processing.

Inventory Visibility and Order Tracking

Order tracking assistants paired with your WMS are also critical to building transparency and improving customer satisfaction. These allow visibility at the customer, supplier, or shipper level by giving them the ability to track orders online, down to the line-item level.

Warranty Claims and RMA

Our customer use Avaamo to automate the warranty claims and returns process including shepherding them through the process of warrant registration, returns and status without human intervention.

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