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Avaamo Launches a GenAI-Powered Agent Copilot for Live Contact Center Calls

The company’s real-time transcription technology—with ultra low latency and unmatched accuracy—unlocks previously unattainable efficiency gains and insights

Avaamo, a generative AI leader for the enterprise, today introduced Avaamo Agent Copilot. The first-of-its-kind solution is built on the company’s generative AI platform, Avaamo LLaMB, to provide real-time support to contact center agents during every step of a live call journey. Agent Assist Copilot helps agents resolve customer issues more effectively and efficiently, resulting in significant proficiency and productivity gains. Initial testing with Fortune 500 brands drove 40% reductions in new agent onboarding time and 20% shorter calls on average.

This new agent assist software leverages Avaamo’s pioneering real-time transcription technology. Unlike other solutions in the market today, it captures 100% of customer calls and deploys with a latency of <300 milliseconds. This is in stark contrast to traditional offerings, which transcribe 10-20% of calls, suffer from high latency, and too often miss mission-critical words like company names and numerals. Built on the company’s industry-leading generative AI platform, Avaamo Agent Assist Copilot is fully holistic, multilingual, and customizable to business needs, delivering a net-new standard for live voice call transcription and agent assistance.

Generative AI is finally making it possible to reverse the decades-long decline in call agent productivity and customer experience. CX leaders recognize this massive opportunity, but recent entrants to market have been piecemeal, surface-level offerings,
– Ram Menon, CEO & Co-founder, Avaamo

CEO Ram Menon states “Enterprise teams need end-to-end solutions capable of transforming their contact center into a revenue driver by giving agents thoughtful, intelligent guidance before, during, and after a call. We’re uniquely positioned to deliver this, in large part because we’ve spent the past decade building our underlying generative AI platform. Our Agent Assist Copilot is a profound departure from what’s out there today—the result is saved time, saved money, and a better experience for agents and customers alike.”

Avaamo’s Agent Assist Copilot leverages generative AI throughout the call journey to enhance the entire experience, including:

Pre-Call Intent Detection and Identification:
Routes each call to the most relevant, effective agent based on caller intent. Mines relevant CRM data, previous requests, historical interactions and more to provide a 360-degree customer view before the first “hello.”

In-Call Assistance and Task Automation:
Suggests thoughtful responses and surfaces subject matter expertise in real time based on what the customer is saying live, pulling from unique customer data, public information, SOP documents, and more. Prioritizes and recommends a Next Best Action for agents during the call. Seamless RPA integration with backend systems automates a wide range of tasks, eliminating manual steps and resolving customer needs more quickly.

Post-Call Extraction and Insights:
Goes beyond summarization and distillation by instantly assigning relevant tags, extracting important topics, tracking promises made to customers, and updating customer records. This all happens as the call progresses, meaning rich insights are available instantly post-call.

Agent Assist Copilot is the latest in Avaamo’s Suite of Generative AI tools, including LLaMB, Avaamo IVA, Avaamo Outreach, and Avaamo Live Agent. Global organizations such as Wipro, Ericsson, Pepsi, Duke and UC Health, and several other Fortune 100s trust Avaamo to provide a best-in-class customer experience.