Still stuck with a Generative AI POC – Deploy faster safer and more securely with Avaamo LLaMB


Avaamo LLaMB™ is a framework for deploying Generative AI end-user applications safely and securely and reducing iterative testing efforts with a raw LLM API. Wipro using Avaamo LLaMB has deployed 44 use cases to 200,000+ employees.

Join this webinar to learn how to deploy Generative AI faster.

Rathnavel Kandaswamy (RK)Rathnavel Kandaswamy (RK)
VP & Head of Customer Success

Rathnavel popularly known as RK is our VP of Customer Success and spends time with our largest customers driving value for them with our generative AI products. He has been witness to formative efforts by large enterprises to adopt generative AI and is going to be sharing those experiences and practical suggestions in this webinar.

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