Unlocking Avaamo’s 8.0 Atlas: A Deep dive into the platform’s new features, enhancements and products


This month we are launching the latest update to the Avaamo Conversational AI Platform, dubbed 8.0 Atlas. We’ve made improvements across the platform to help enterprises deploy virtual agents faster, deliver enhanced voice capabilities, and gain better operational visibility of deployed Conversational AI experiences.

Release Highlights

  • New Advanced Inference Engine and UAT features that allow for building virtual agents faster with less training data and a streamlined testing process.
  • Improved Automatic Speech Recognition capabilities for better quality recognition across many use cases.
  • New features that provide greater operational visibility into live agent performance and SMS usage.

To dive deeper into all of the features in the Atlas release, we invite you to join our experts for a webinar as they dive into how our new features and upgrades can help you deliver better Conversational AI experiences for your users.

The session will guide you through how to make the most of the new capabilities, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding what this upgrade means for your current implementation.

Abhi SharmaAbhi Sharma
Senior Director- Product

With a tenure nearing 7 years at Avaamo, our Director of Product has diligently worked on honing generative AI technologies to better serve enterprise applications. Transitioning from a Machine Learning Engineer to now leading product strategies, he has been instrumental in the development and deployment of Avaamo’s LLaMB™ technology, aimed at enhancing business process automation. His collaborative efforts with both internal teams and large enterprise customers have contributed to the continuous improvement of Avaamo’s offerings.

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