Deploying High Value Use Cases in HR and IT Using Generative AI


The buzz around Generative AI implementation is growing, yet many organizations are still in the exploratory phase. Some haven’t deployed a production use case, and others are waiting to see substantial business impact.

Join our experts to discover how to identify use cases that can drive significant business value!

abhi squareRobert Smith
Global Presales Director and Product Specialist

Robert is focused on helping companies to find the best ways to use Augmented Intelligence, Conversational AI, and new Generative approaches as a strategic capability. This is to help their employees and their clients to do what they do better, in less time, with better accuracy, and through better experience for all involved. His background includes hands-on enterprise experience with other cognitive technologies, along with analytics, big data, integration, and search. This experience enables him to better see the big picture, faster, and to better set things up for success.

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