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Implementations of conversational AI in education

AI enhancing the student experience, streamlining operations

Student services

Universities are using Avaamo’s technology to help field thousands of questions around the clock, about financial aid eligibility, academic programs, transfer status or even library hours during exam week offering a student services experience that is timely, replacing the notice board and visits to the service center. Avaamo’s Virtual Assistant offers a 21st conversational digital experience and currently answer over 100K/ queries a month across our customer base.

Financial aid advisor

A recent USA Today survey indicate 1-3 freshmen will not return to sophomore year due to financial issues. Avaamo’s university customers are using the technology to provide counseling and hundreds of questions from loan applications, to rules to eligibility requirements including using conversational AI to accept, manage and process loan applications engaging with students beyond the confines of the financial aid office.

School services

Avaamo IVA technology is being used for course enrollment, registration deadlines, falling grades alerts, GPA requirements and enrollment eligibility to provide an enhanced student experience while streaming the costs for servicing student needs.

Avaamo’s conversational AI for education — by the numbers


400k students across the world interact with our AI student assistants.


Over 460,000 student queries resolved per month.


All time average success rate resolving student queries across all schools and universities.


Student queries exploded during the coronavirus pandemic. Our AI student assistants are successfully handling the surge in student queries.

Skills for education

Avaamo has created virtual student assistants for universities across the world that have made school services and resources vastly more accessible for students. Here’s a shortlist of skills from our library:

Students simply text or talk to a Student Assistant anytime to inquire about their grades, transcripts, or GPA.


  • Students can interact with school services immediately via text or voice, without a complicated interface or IVR menu.
  • Students can request their GPA for a semester or over a selected period of time.
  • The bot will proactively provide insights into academic performance and trend lines.
  • View their transcripts or request them to be mailed to a designated location.
  • Provides a way to verify the users via 2 factor authentication, including an OTP or via secret question.

Things you can say

“What was my gpa in the previous semester?”

“What was my gpa for fall semester 2019?”

“Show me my grade for Physics 101”

“Can you show me my grades?”

“How does pass/no pass affect my GPA?”


AI virtual assistant integration with major CRMs, including SalesForce, SOAP, Marketo, and Microsoft Dynamics
Voice assistant for education

The Course Assistant answers student inquiries about their class, assignments, schedules and much more, all from one conversational interface.


  • The Assistant knows your class schedule and can proactively offer notifications and alerts during status changes.
  • Get details on your course assignments and due dates.
  • View your class schedule and get directions on a class location.
  • Review course information, policies, or syllabi.
  • Schedule appointments with your professor.

Things you can say

“Do I have a history assignment due tomorrow?”

“Please list all the assignments that need to be submitted tomorrow”

“Please remind me of my class schedule this week”

“I want to check my attendance for English 101”

“Is my professor free at 10am, I’d like to make an appointment”


AI virtual assistant integration with major CRMs, including SalesForce, SOAP, Marketo, and Microsoft Dynamics
Knowledgebase search for education

Existing and prospective students can converse in natural language to immediately access school application forms, documents, or general information.


  • Prospective Students have the ability to ask questions about the school and get the necessary application forms.
  • The bot will assist a prospective student through the entire application lifecycle with personalized and proactive notifications.
  • Use natural language to request FAFSA forms, graduate applications, request transcripts, or degree program applications.
  • Students can converse with the assistant about school services, programs, or activities.

Things you can say

“Where can I find the graduation application for my department?”

“When is the FAFSA application due?”

“What is my FAFSA CODE? Where can I find it?”

“When is the start of the school year?”

“What are graduation requirements?”

“How do I apply for an undergraduate program?”


AI virtual assistant integration with major CRMs, including SalesForce, SOAP, Marketo, and Microsoft Dynamics
Conversational AI for academic

The Assistant offers personalized and proactive help and information to students on financial aid, financial status, and fees or refunds due.


Using natural language, text or voice, students can inquire about:


  • Get financial aid information and help.
  • Request or get notifications on their current financial status.
  • Request receipts of payment to their university.
  • Get proactive notifications on fees due.
  • Get updates on refunds pending or issued.

Things you can say

“Where can I find my financial Aid documents?”

“How do I apply for Financial Aid?”

“What is my Financial Aid Status?”

“Where can I pay a bill?”

“Can I get a refund on a course I dropped?”

“How much do I still owe the university?”


AI virtual assistant integration with major CRMs, including SalesForce, SOAP, Marketo, and Microsoft Dynamics
Voice Assistant for academic

Create a student IT helpdesk and answer students troubleshooting questions and how-to questions based on the latest contents of internal and external knowledge bases.



  • Trained to classify most IT issues
  • Provides guided navigation to resolve common IT issues
  • Creates tickets for unresolved troubleshooting sessions, with relevant data

Things you can say

“My google classroom doesn’t load, what’s wrong?”

“How do you share a video on zoom?”

“My browser is not working”

“How do you delete folder on google drive?”

“I need help signing into my account”


AI virtual assistant integration with major CRMs, including SalesForce, SOAP, Marketo, and Microsoft Dynamics
AI knowledgebase search for student helpdesk

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