The ability of patients to be able to see their caregivers in a timely manner is a key driver of success for healthcare providers. Grappling with telehealth and lost revenue in the era of COVID-19, care providers are scrambling to adapt and to ensure seamless patient access. All this while they manage backlogs and make up for lost revenue, reduced referral rates, and lower patient satisfaction scores. Automating patient access and scheduling using conversational AI technologies can significantly streamline a patient’s first point of contact with a care provider.


Automating A Time-Honored Conversation At Your Digital Front Door


The ritual of a patient making an appointment often involves multiple phone calls to find the right provider who accepts your insurance, an intensive back and forth to get the right doctor, the right time slot, and pre-approval for insurance if required, coupled with privacy and HIPAA concerns. Provider organizations have surmised for years that interactions need personal attention and that the human touch is indispensable. With the advancement of conversational AI technology, and the ability of Intelligent Virtual Assistants to have intelligent multi-turn conversations, automating this intensely complex interaction has become a reality. There are three phases of Appointment Scheduling that can be automated using Avaamo’s technology.

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