Emotional IQ

Tone & Sentiment Analysis

Detect the sentiment and tone of your customers so you can build dialog strategies to adjust the conversation accordingly.

How Emotional IQ can improve your customer experience

Enhance Customer Service

Monitor customer conversations so you can respond to your customers appropriately and at scale. Use Tone & Sentiment detection to improve your bots conversational flows by analyzing which flows are leaving your customers happy or frustrated.

Switch to Live Agent

Our tone analyzer monitors customer emotions and can seamlessly switch to a live agent—based on your rules—whenever negative emotions such as worry, frustration, anger, or urgency are detected.

Build “tone-based” dialog strategies

Re-direct your customers to the appropriate dialog strategy based on their detected tone & sentiment. For example, a customer who is having a negative experience can be re-directed to a reward or upgrade flow, a survey, or simply switched to a live agent.

React with a “human” touch

Your bot will never truly feel emotion, but there’s something endearing about a system that can react according to emotions and moods. For example, if a bot detects anger it could react with a sad emoji, an encouraging quote, or friendly message. More than 80 percent of people say they will keep doing business with a company that provides a positive experience.

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