Automate conversations live agents handle everyday with Tera, an AI-powered virtual agent

Tera is available 24/7 to help you with your Service Desk questions.

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The Platform


Avaamo develops fundamental AI technology making conversational computing a reality for Service Desk

01 Applied NLU

Pre-trained Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models which understand IT issues and services jargon.

Our cutting-edge machine learning models have been trained using countless real interactions between users and IT organizations. This allows us to develop a nuanced understanding of the context and structure of these conversations in a way previously unimaginable. Our models speak the language your users will use when filing a support ticket, booking a conference room, or troubleshooting VPN connectivity. In short, we can talk the talk of enterprise, so your users can too.

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02 Fine-Tuned Vertical Domains

Augment our pre-built knowledge graphs and intent libraries or use them out-of-the box.

There’s no such thing as starting from scratch when working with our pre-built service desk domain models. Avaamo has used advanced data science techniques to mine support tickets, call logs, transcripts, and a host of other interactions to build complex knowledge graphs. Thousands of intents and entities capture the relationships and hierarchies commonly present in the world of service desk. We can classify most IT issues, identify a variety of tickets, and navigate complex requests. Oh, and it all happens on day one.

03 Generative Conversational Intelligence

An adaptive engine designed for fluid conversations and effective support management.

Tell us where the answers are, and our conversational AI engine generates a vertical domain on-the-fly to automatically transform complex service desk workflows into a full-fledged conversation between employees and your services. Our platform seamlessly transitions between contexts, tracks the emotional state of an engagement, and dynamically modifies responses based on user input. Whether the questions are informational or transactional, your users simply ask them, and Avaamo’s platform takes care of the rest. No scripting, no conversation design, no hassle.

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04 Built for Scale and Scope

Deep integrations into all (un)commonly used backend systems and the ability to grow with your users.

Knowledge bases, live agent desktops, email clients, intranet portals, storage drives. You name it, and we’ve got an integration for it. Avaamo’s platform is built with enterprise-grade security, scale, and scope to handle whatever you throw at it. We grow with your business, we speak your languages, and we integrate with your services. End-to-end has never been THIS end-to-end.

Tera’s Service Desk Skills

Tera’s Service Desk skills combine conversational AI, deep domain knowledge, and integrations to automate and resolve the following usecases:

Software Provisioning

Resolve employees’ requests for software, and provision it immediately, without agent assistance


  • Self service provisioning of 100+ enterprise applications
  • Trained to understand all provisioning questions asked in natural language
  • Guided navigation to capture information necessary to provision an account
  • Integration with existing with approval workflows and workflow systems
  • Automatically learns the list of apps that can be provisioned. No need to train the AI system manually

Things you can say

“Can you add me into the Sales group?”

“My manager asked me to upload files on Box and I dont have access to Box. How do I get an account on Box”

“I need a new account for Salesforce”

“Can you add Bruce into the Sales group?”


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Account Access

Let employees unlock accounts or passwords without agent help. Tera also alerts employees when their account is locked out.


  • Handles account unlocking or password reset requests
  • Provides a way to verify the users via 2 factor authentication, including an OTP or via secret questions
  • Creates a ticket and alerts IT admin for failed attempts
  • Recognizes the specific application the password is requested for

Things you can say

“I need to reset my password”

“How Do I Recover My salesforce Password?”

“I need help signing in to my account”

“Is it possible to recover my password?”


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Conversational knowledge base

Tera ingests all knowledge articles available in your service desk system, like ServiceNow and provides accurate answers.


  • Automatically builds a question & answer model for precise responses to questions
  • Provides one or more sections of an article when an exact answer is not possible
  • Includes link to the actual Knowledge Base page

Things you can say

“How do I connect to the corporate VPN?”

“How do I export contacts from outlook?”

“I cannot hear the presenter talk on skype”

“How do I play a video on Skype for business meeting?”

“I am unable to send and receive emails in outlook”


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Incident Management

Accelerate ticket resolution by letting employees log, escalate, and track incidents. Tera automatically alerts the user throughout the lifecycle of the incident until it has been resolved.


  • New ticket creation
  • Provides a single ticket status or asks the users to select from multiple tickets
  • Handles requests to get notified on ticket status changes

Things you can say

“The lift in building G has stopped working”

“The printer on the 3rd floor of building G is not working”

“None of the CCTV cameras seems working in second floor”

“File sharing server is not accessible”

“There is no water in 2nd floor bathroom”


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Service Catalog

Tera can integrate with your service catalog and allow customers to request catalog items such as service and product offerings immediately.


  • Learns the list of items that can be requested
  • Generates a conversation dynamically to capture necessary information for each catalog item
  • Automatically creates a service request
  • Provides status of service requests
  • Can create service tickets for services outside of the catalog

Things you can say

“I need a high end desktop”

“I need access to the printer on third floor”

“I need a HDMI cable for my laptop”

“My laptop disk is full. I need an extra 1 TB disk. It needs to be external”

“My RSA token got blocked, Please reset it”


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Directory Lookup

Tera’s Directory lookup and record matching feature allows users to find contacts and information often siloed across company systems.


  • Find a coworker based on name, location, role, expertise
  • Find conference rooms by location, availability
  • Lookup groups based on name and description

Things you can say

“I need to report some security issues, who do I contact?”

“I need to find our PR contact in our London office”

“What is the phone number of Madhav?”

“I need to contact John from admin, Can I get his details?”


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Answer employees’ troubleshooting and how-to questions based on the latest contents of internal and external knowledge bases.


  • Trained to classify most IT issues
  • Provides guided navigation to resolve common IT issues
  • Creates tickets for unresolved troubleshooting sessions, with relevant data

Things you can say

“My outlook is not starting up”

“How to fix Outlook data files”

“How to fix Outlook reinstalling Office”

“How to delete folders in outlook”


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The Avaamo Difference

Customer Outcomes with Avaamo for Service Desk


Reduction of Average Handle Time (AHT)

(Faster resolution time, fewer misroutes)


Reduction in Service Tickets

(Fewer repeated incidents)


Additional revenue from improved worker productivity and retention


Languages available. Live bots deployed in 40+ countries