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Quick deployment, instant resolution

Avaamo’s conversational service desk automatically handles common IT support issues like reset password, account access, or software provisioning. Isn’t it time for an AI service desk?

The reasons why your service desk is failing your business

The IT ticket bottleneck
A typical help desk department is underfunded and overloaded: there is an average of 15 agents for every 1,500 employees; each ticket takes 10 hours to resolve and there is a 120:1 ratio of tickets to technicians. Avaamo’s Conversational AI platform enables IT teams to resolve these issues autonomously, and at a fraction of the cost, with much less hands-on human intervention. And that reduction in overhead starts from day one.
Employees expect immediate service
Avaamo’s service desk virtual agent easily handles repetitive service requests: unlocking accounts, resetting passwords, even executing complex tasks like troubleshooting email problems or internet issues. This liberates service agents to higher-level tasks. What’s more, users don’t need to learn a specific tool or interface, they can simply talk or text naturally with the virtual assistant to get the answers they need.
An average employee submits one IT support ticket per month and, on average, each ticket costs about $25 to resolve using traditional methods
Digital agent for service desks

Avaamo’s conversational AI service desk

The numbers don’t lie – get more value from your existing service desk


Tickets resolved per year


Knowledge base documents ingested


Reduction in tickets


Employee adoption / increased satisfaction

Digital agent for call centers

Meet our Intelligent Service Desk agents

Employees get help instantly through chat or voice

Digital agent for call center automation
Avaamo’s Intelligent Virtual Agents are capable of automating the entire first tier of queries—over 60% of all incidents— resulting in better overall response time, improved resource allocation, decreased employee downtime, and higher employee satisfaction.

Autonomous & instant resolution

Without the need for human interaction, incident resolutions are quick, easy, and productive. Virtual agents can handle up to 80% of the routine questions that IT support receives everyday. Issues that require escalation can be deflected to live agents who have more time and bandwidth to respond to higher level queries. Virtual agents are especially useful for handling sudden spikes in ticket volume, during an outage or other extraneous situations.


Avaamo has used advanced data science techniques to mine support tickets, call logs, transcripts, and a host of other interactions to build complex knowledge graphs. Thousands of intents and entities capture the relationships and hierarchies commonly present in the world of service desk. We can classify most IT issues, identify a variety of tickets, and navigate complex requests.

Create an intelligent, conversational knowledge base

Tell us where the answers are – this could be in your ITSM knowledge base, pdf documents, or any other content source.  Our conversational AI engine builds a closed domain knowledge graph that identifies relationships among entities in your documents. These entity relations enable Avaamo Answers to answer queries that require information from multiple contexts.


Whether the questions are informational or transactional, your users simply ask them, and Avaamo’s platform takes care of the rest. No scripting, no conversation design, no hassle.

Anytime, Anywhere

The intelligent service desk is available 24×7 across multiple channels. With the intelligent virtual agent, there is no new interface to learn — users can simply use natural language via voice or text to immediately resolve their issues. Surveys show that traditional ITSM tools fall short of employee expectations resulting in a lack of employee adoption, high ticket volume, high cost per ticket, and longer times to resolution.  

Cost savings

Deploying an intelligent virtual agent reduces resolution times, directly translating to cost savings. By dealing with the largest volume of basic incidents, the virtual agent enables human technicians to focus on more complex issues. This increases agent retention and IT support performance invariably improves. Not only does automation plug the leak but it also actively contributes to creating a more productive environment for employees, thus boosting revenue generation as well.

AI for your helpdesk automation

Skills for Service Desk

Avaamo’s Service Desk skills combine conversational AI, deep domain knowledge, and integrations to automate and resolve the following usecases:

Resolve employees’ requests for software, and provision it immediately, without agent assistance


  • Self service provisioning of 100+ enterprise applications
  • Trained to understand all provisioning questions asked in natural language
  • Guided navigation to capture information necessary to provision an account
  • Integration with existing with approval workflows and workflow systems
  • Automatically learns the list of apps that can be provisioned. No need to train the AI system manually

Things you can say

“Can you add me into the Sales group?”

“My manager asked me to upload files on Box and I dont have access to Box. How do I get an account on Box”

“I need a new account for Salesforce”

“Can you add Bruce into the Sales group?”


software provisioning integration 1
Digital agent for software provisioning

Let employees unlock accounts or passwords without agent help. Our virtual assistants also alert employees when their account is locked out.


  • Handles account unlocking or password reset requests
  • Provides a way to verify the users via 2 factor authentication, including an OTP or via secret questions
  • Creates a ticket and alerts IT admin for failed attempts
  • Recognizes the specific application the password is requested for

Things you can say

“I need to reset my password”

“How Do I Recover My salesforce Password?”

“I need help signing in to my account”

“Is it possible to recover my password?”


account access
Password resets with a digital agent

Ingest all the knowledge articles available in your service desk system, like ServiceNow and provide accurate answers.


  • Automatically builds a question & answer model for precise responses to questions
  • Provides one or more sections of an article when an exact answer is not possible
  • Includes link to the actual Knowledge Base page

Things you can say

“How do I connect to the corporate VPN?”

“How do I export contacts from outlook?”

“I cannot hear the presenter talk on skype”

“How do I play a video on Skype for business meeting?”

“I am unable to send and receive emails in outlook”


software provisioning integration
AI for knowledgebase search

Accelerate ticket resolution by letting employees log, escalate, and track incidents. The assistant will automatically alert the user throughout the lifecycle of the incident until it has been resolved.


  • New ticket creation
  • Provides a single ticket status or asks the users to select from multiple tickets
  • Handles requests to get notified on ticket status changes

Things you can say

“The lift in building G has stopped working”

“The printer on the 3rd floor of building G is not working”

“None of the CCTV cameras seems working in second floor”

“File sharing server is not accessible”

“There is no water in 2nd floor bathroom”


incident management
Digital agent for incident management

The virtual assistant integrates with your service catalog allowing customers to request catalog items such as service and product offerings immediately.


  • Learns the list of items that can be requested
  • Generates a conversation dynamically to capture necessary information for each catalog item
  • Automatically creates a service request
  • Provides status of service requests
  • Can create service tickets for services outside of the catalog

Things you can say

“I need a high end desktop”

“I need access to the printer on third floor”

“I need a HDMI cable for my laptop”

“My laptop disk is full. I need an extra 1 TB disk. It needs to be external”

“My RSA token got blocked, Please reset it”


service catalog
Helpdesk automation for service requests

Answer employees’ troubleshooting and how-to questions based on the latest contents of internal and external knowledge bases.


  • Trained to classify most IT issues
  • Provides guided navigation to resolve common IT issues
  • Creates tickets for unresolved troubleshooting sessions, with relevant data

Things you can say

“My outlook is not starting up”

“How to fix Outlook data files”

“How to fix Outlook reinstalling Office”

“How to delete folders in outlook”


Digital agent integrations for Skype and Microsoft Outlook
Digital agents for helpdesk automation
Product solutions

Our pre-built virtual agents supercharge your existing service desk deployments

Integration Microsoft with your digital agent and knowledgebase search

Welcome to our
Office 365 Assistant

Our assistant is built using Avaamo’s Answers, which can find the answers you need to make the most of Office 365.

AI-powered Virtual Assistant to resolve service desk issues

Meet Snowy

The Avaamo Service Desk Assistant

Hi there! I am Snowy, your AI powered Virtual Assistant to help you resolve service desk issues. Report an incident, check request status, reset your password, provision software, answer FAQs and do much more from a single point. Click on NOW, present on the bottom right corner and type your queries.

Avaamo for Service Desk

The latest on Avaamo’s conversational AI platform and how its powering the Conversational Service Desk

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