A “Smart” Desk

Rethinking Service Desk using AI

Using Avaamo technology, help desk agents can take the pressure off yet offer the highest level of accuracy and ticket resolution normally associated with humans.

Learn the power of intelligent service desk automation

Service tickets

Reduce the time spent on resetting passwords and reminding folks to turn it off and turn it on again, Avaamo assistants can respond cheaper, better and faster to these tasks freeing up your help desk to handle more complex issues.

Executing service orders

Building out a “bill of material” for a new employee, provisioning equipment, ordering a new phone can be instantly automated using Avaamo to provide a better omnichannel experience leading to faster order management reducing handle time.

Incident resolution

You’ve built a team of experts, but they can’t hold all knowledge in their heads. Avaamo can access institutional knowledge and intelligently assign tickets to the team member with the most expertise in a particular area or solve the problem using its cognitive algorithms to learn from institutional memory on how to resolve the problem.

Asset management

Asset management requires maintaining records and updating software. Avaamo Intelligent Assistants can monitor asset lifecycle, update software, and monitor BYOD networks for security risks or can alert your team when to close out an asset or intervene on a device.


Using Conversational AI for a Smarter Service Desk


AI-Powered Service Desk Automation to unlock systems, reset passwords and enhance intelligent ticket creation

Solution Brief

Rethinking your employee experience

At the core of great customer experience is great employee experience yet many organizations fail at offering proactive and innovative services that can aid employee productivity.

Experience how Avaamo AI will transform your business